We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece Fruit

When it comes to one of the most potent and powerful devil fruits, you can deny that Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit is the pick of many. 

To become a Mochi Human, one must consume the Devil Fruit known as the Mochi Mochi no Mi, which is of the Paramecia species. Charlotte Katakuri, one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and the second son and third child of the Charlotte Family, ate the Mochi Mochi no Mi Devil Fruit in the past. 

Now let’s find out some incredible facts about Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit.

Facts You Don’t Know About Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece Fruit 

Powers and Limitations – How powerful is Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit?

mochi mochi no mi One Piece fruit
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The user can transform any part of their body into mochi, a thick, extremely dense white mochi paste, and then shape it however they like, including changing its stickiness and viscosity. This allows them to construct large objects like walls and other rigid structures. 

Because of its sticky, stretchy nature, it can trap even the strongest people when hardened by Busoshoku Haki, making it a useful blunt-force weapon. The latter is so strong that even the most powerful firearms cannot penetrate it. 

Because of its adaptability and use with Haki, mochi can take on infinite forms, from fists and tendrils to spiked clubs.


One of the facts about Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit, like the other Devil Fruits, can be “awakened” to turn the inorganic Marisela around its user into mochi.

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mochi mochi no mi One Piece fruit
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But if enough liquid is put on the mochi, it loses its stickiness, and a person stuck in it can try to get away. The first time this happened was when Jinbe used Fish-Man Karate to release Luffy from a trap by dowsing Katakuri’s leg in black tea. 

It’s possible for someone with an enormous appetite, like Luffy, to eat their way out of a mochi pit if they dig deep enough, and the mochi is edible if the user isn’t actively controlling it. 

If the mochi is extremely tough, this problem will go away. At any other time, a user of Devil Fruit is vulnerable to the usual risks that come with it.

Methods and usage Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit

Katakuri can control huge amounts of mochi with pinpoint accuracy, and she uses the fruit’s powers in battle. For several reasons, people have shown him eating mochi to make his arms and legs longer. 

Infusing his extended leg with Haki transforms into a fast, massive tendril-like blunt weapon that can hurt and ensnare an opponent. When Katakuri needs to save someone or keep them safe, he can use this limb extension. Katakuri made mochi earplugs out of his Devil Fruit so that he and his siblings could ignore their mother’s screams. 

If you stuff cannons full of mochi, they’ll go off when fired. The Devil Fruit works in a way that is similar to a “stretchy” substance, letting the person who eats it stretch and lengthen their limbs at will. Users can completely transform into their significance (mochi) and then create and manipulate it outside their bodies.

So, Katakuri can copy his opponent’s attacks while adding his twists, like mochi arms for Hawk Gatling, that he can do with mochi. Because of Katakuri’s formidable physique, the copied strategies work extremely well. Katakuri has showcased several techniques that involve the mochi’s creation and manipulation powers. 

But he needs to keep his cool to use Kenbunshoku Haki precisely to predict the opponent’s next attack and move his body accidentally. Otherwise, he will be susceptible to Haki, like any Devil Fruit user.

Methods Relying on Cannons Yanagi Mochi (Willow Mochi)

mochi mochi no mi One Piece fruit
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Katakuri raises a leg and, like a willow tree, several long tendrils of mochi grow from it; the ends of these tendrils are bent so that they resemble Katakuri’s foot, which he then uses to stomp repeatedly on his opponent.

Mochi Tsuki

Katakuri makes a powerful arc with his left arm while holding the trident Mogura. He then unwinds the arc while pushing the trident forward, creating a powerful drilling attack. The force of the assault is sufficient to destroy the target.

Mochi Kaku (Square Mochi)

Katakuri makes mochi out of his arms and hands, then presses them into a square. He fortifies his fists with Busoshoku Haki and then punches his foe. The square shape of the fists makes them much more powerful than a regular Haki punch.

Grilled Mochi

Katakuri blows up his mochi forearm, sending his Haki-studded fist hurtling through the air in the direction of his opponent. Due to the high rate of friction, the fist catches fire.

Zan Giri Mochi (Sliced Mochi)

Katakuri’s strongest attack is to turn himself into a mochi and spin toward his opponent in a donut shape. When he gets to his opponent, he changes back to his normal form and uses Busoshoku Haki to harden a huge mochi forearm covered in spikes.

Awakened Methods Flowing Mochi

Katakuri uses his newly discovered powers to turn the mochi-like ground under his feet into a net that he can use to trap his opponent while staying safe.

Awadare Mochi (Raindrop Mochi)

Katakuri uses his new skills to change the surfaces around him into a dense network of mochi tendrils. His next move is to have them charge his foe to smash them.

Muso Donuts (Peerless Donuts)

Katakuri makes donuts when he uses his newly found powers to pull mochi threads out of the ground and roll them into a coil. Donuts, a personal favorite, served as the inspiration for the name of this strategy.

Chikara Mochi (Power Mochi)

mochi mochi no mi One Piece fruit
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To use his newly discovered skills, Katakuri uses his Kaku Mochi technique to transform the mochi into enormous Busoshoku Haki-enhanced arms in the shape of a donut. 

With mochi covering his hands, he manipulates his arms to deliver a powerful blow to his opponent.

Mochi Ginchaku (Mochi Singing Result)

In comparison to Chikara Mochi, this method is significantly more effective. Katakuri uses his newfound powers to surround his foe in mochi donuts, which he then shapes into Busoshoku Haki-enhanced limbs and uses to slam him into the floor repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is Katakuri’s fruit?

Ans – Katakuri has the power of the Mochi-Mochi Fruit.

Q2) Is Mochi Mochi no Mi a mythical fruit?

Ans – Surprisingly yes. Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece Fruit is mythical Special Paramecia-type devil fruit.

Q3) What powers does the user of Mochi Mochi no Mi fruit get?

Ans – Mochi Mochi no Mi One Piece fruit allows the user to create, control, and transform into mochi at will.

Q4) Who is Big Mom’s first child?

Ans – Charlotte Perospero is Big Mom’s first child.

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