Everything We Know About Dragon Ball Super Teen Goten Trunks Till Now!! 

The superhero arc of Dragon Ball Super kicks off in episode 88, a short time before the superhero movie. The manga’s focus has changed from Goku and Vegeta to their offspring, Dragon Ball Super teen Goten Trunks. 

Taking a cue from the current Dragon Ball film, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Dragon Ball Super has added Goten and Trunks to the Z-Fighters. With their teenage years well underway, Goku and Vegeta’s offspring now take center stage in the next installment of the popular Shonen manga, recently released online. 

Set before the events of the new Dragon Ball Super film, Dragon Ball Super teen Goten Trunks emulates Gohan by trying to become Great Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Teen Goten Trunks 

Dragon Ball Super Teen Goten Trunks
Credit – comicbook.com

The revelation that Goten and Trunks had grown older since we last saw them was a key twist in the buildup of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the film about Gohan and Piccolo fighting the Red Ribbon Army. 

They are now in high school as teens and have taken Gohan’s superhero guise to fight crime as Saiyaman X1 and Saiyaman X2. 

Despite the lack of information about how long the manga would focus on Goten and Trunks’ narrative, acting as a prelude to Super Hero, fans are still ecstatic about the return of the Shonen brand. 

Dragon Ball Super has yet to confirm a comeback of its television series. Still, given the show’s enormous success, anime adaptations of the Moro and Granolah The Survivor Arcs are likely to be announced soon.

New Heroes Emerge in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Teen Goten Trunks
Credit – comicbook.com

Dragon Ball Super teen Goten Trunks are not on an alien planet for training, but they have adopted superhero personas and become the city’s newest protectors, Saiyaman X1 and X2, respectively. 

They fight against bank robbers and criminals in their heroic guises, but in their everyday lives, they are just like anybody else; in fact, Trunks has a crush on Mai, as was hinted at in the Goku Black Arc, which took place earlier in Dragon Ball Super. 

Although they botch the fusion dance when creating an overweight Gotenks, Goten and Trunks prove that they still have the fighting skills necessary to defeat their enemies in the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. 

Seeing more of the lives of the sons of Goku and Vegeta is something that many viewers weren’t anticipating and brings new “slice of life” adventures into the Shonen series. Still, it’s unlikely that they will undergo any new transformations during the current prequel arc.

Explaining why their relative strength is ultimately irrelevant

Dragon Ball Super Teen Goten Trunks
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This new section shifts the focus toward more grounded, everyday situations. Without the magical, exaggerated transformations, the story becomes more grounded. Instead, it shows us a side of Trunks and Goten that we’ve never seen before. 

For the love of Mai and the freedom from the Capsule Corporation, Trunks tries to win her heart. Like Future Trunks, he has trouble finding his own identity. Formerly, Goten was written off as a silly kid who was merely a minor version of Goku. 

Nonetheless, this new development demonstrates his wit and intelligence. His unconventional way of thinking is reminiscent of Gohan’s but arguably even more nuanced.

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