Top 9 Most Emotional Dragon Ball Z Characters 

In order to stay true to the franchise’s origins and appeal to a brand-new generation of fans, Dragon Ball Z knows how to appropriately increase the stakes and evolve its formula. 

What new skills and transformations have been mastered, as well as which characters are the most strong, tend to be the most hotly debated topics in Dragon Ball Z. 

The sensitive characters in Dragon Ball Z, however, frequently let their emotions—whether they be fury, fear, love, impatience, or sadness—get the best of them. Many significant battles and plot events are typically motivated by these elevated emotions.

Here is a list of the top 9 Most Emotional Dragon Ball Z Characters:

Most Emotional Dragon Ball Z Characters 

  1. Vegeta

emotional dragon ball z characters
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Vegeta begins Dragon Ball Z as a merciless foe, which makes the moment when he turns into Goku’s most potent friend all the more stunning. 

Vegeta has a tendency toward aggression and is prone to sincere outbursts when he is mourning his losses. In Dragon Ball, Vegeta develops into one of the most complicated characters, and his emotions frequently lead him down extreme paths. 

Vegeta is able to appreciate quiet moments with his family and properly grieve what he is about to lose when he uses his Final Sacrifice self-destruct maneuver. Vegeta opens himself up to explosive rage outbursts that have driven some of his most passionate battles.

  1. Broly

emotional dragon ball z characters

Popular Dragon Ball character and legendary Super Saiyan Broly has only recently entered the canon of the show thanks to Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This updated portrayal of the character does more than just show Broly as a raving savage. 

Having said that, three Dragon Ball Z films revolve around Broly. In them, Broly’s uncontrollable wrath and fixation with killing Goku nearly define him. This inspiration comes from Broly’s early years when his rage was first inspired by the unrelenting crying of an infant Goku.

  1. Goku

emotional dragon ball z characters

The modest hero of Dragon Ball, Goku has become a well-known shonen protagonist due to his balanced personality. Although Goku is capable of destroying worlds with his sheer might, he usually exhibits an innocent and naive attitude. 

Goku is serious when it matters, but his kind nature makes him vulnerable to strong feelings. Goku has experienced the loss of some of his closest friends and family members, and it is only because he lets these emotions impact him that he is able to reach new heights of Super Saiyan strength.

  1. Yamcha

By the time Dragon Ball Z is fully underway, Yamcha has become the world’s punching bag and a running joke. Although Yamcha has some experience in martial arts, he just cannot keep up with Goku, Krillin, Tien, and the rest of his contemporaries. 

In the original Dragon Ball, Yamcha devotes a lot of his attention to Bulma rather than ways to strengthen himself. Yamcha’s and Bulma’s young love is sloppy and awkward, which is sweet, but it frequently leaves Yamcha with a scarlet face and an uncontrollable stammer.

  1. Bulma

Throughout his travels, Goku has gained a number of important friends, but Bulma is the first one to help him become more open to the outside world. The early episodes of the series are propelled by Bulma and Goku’s peculiar and endearing relationship. The majority of the innovative inventions in the series were created by Bulma, who is also an emotional character due to her desire for love and fulfillment. Bulma’s attitude shows that she is struggling to move past Yamcha and have a family with Vegeta.

  1. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi briefly appears at the start and end of Dragon Ball before going on to marry Goku and have his children. Dragon Ball Z has some awkward dynamics between these newlyweds, although the first season was far more considerate of Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi is a surprisingly powerful ally for Goku as he sets out to collect the Bansho fan. The union of Goku and Chi-Chi is among the most significant differences between the original Dragon Ball and the more action-oriented Dragon Ball Z. The final few episodes of the original series portray their connection as an uplifting union.

Unfortunately, in Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Chi-Chi’s priorities are at odds, which frequently results in disagreements and deceit. Chi-Chi is more certainly entitled to her wrath and annoyance over Goku’s lies, and it’s awful that this skilled martial artist must endure it.

  1. Gohan

emotional dragon ball z characters

The 291 episodes that makeup Dragon Ball Z span a sizable portion of the timeframe for the show. The anime starts off with Gohan as a tiny child, but by the time it reaches its climax, Gohan is the head of his own family and has a young daughter who is about to enter the martial arts industry. Throughout his journey, Gohan develops both physically and as a combatant, yet he never loses his sensitive nature. The spectator gets to see Gohan sob and honestly deal with his early emotions, but even shocking events from later in his life, such as the passing of Android 16, make him feel overwhelmed by his emotions.

  1. Frieza

There are plenty of homicidal tyrants in Dragon Ball Z, but Frieza emerges as the series’ unofficial main antagonist and a persistent thorn in the sides of the protagonists. Thanks to his unrivaled battling spirit and revenge, Frieza has received more opportunities than any other villain. 

Because of his turbulent history with the Saiyans, Frieza gets angry anytime he is reminded of his frailties. Frieza exhibits excessive rage but is not emotionally sensitive in the sense that he weeps for the loss of his father and brother. 

  1. Hercule

emotional dragon ball z characters
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The majority of people are still mostly unaware of Goku and the other real heroes who have repeatedly saved the Earth. In contrast to them, Hercule Satan and other selfish glory hogs are progressively introduced in Dragon Ball Z. 

For them, protecting the earth is its own reward. Although Hercule has a brazen demeanor that some people don’t like, he often has noble motives that coincide with the heroes’. Hercule lacks depth, and because of this, his raw emotions regularly come to the surface. Hercule has been seen by audiences to quiver in fear, boast about exaggerated successes, and lament the loss of loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is the saddest character in Dragon Ball Z?

Ans – Future Trunks is often titled the saddest Dragon Ball Z character. 

Q2) What is the saddest moment in Dragon Ball Z?

Ans – Some of the saddest Dragon Ball Z moments are – Vegeta’s breakdown at the hands of Frieza, Frieza wiping off Krillin, and Goku’s situation while destroying Radditz. 

Q3) Who has the saddest backstory in Dragon Ball Z?

Ans – Future Trunks has the saddest backstory in Dragon Ball Z.


So, this was the article on the most emotional Dragon Ball Z characters. Hope you too have connected with these characters. Tell us who is your favorite in the comment section. Make sure to stay tuned and follow us for more interesting anime articles. Happy reading!! 

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