Dragon Ball: 9 Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did!! You Will Be Stunned!! 

One of the most well-known characters in contemporary television history is Goku, the titular character of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Millions of people love him because of his endearing personality and his job as the universe’s benign defender. Goku is the strongest Z fighter in the universe, even when compared to Vegeta, despite his outgoing demeanor. 

That said, Goku is a flawed character in the Dragon Ball universe due to his numerous flaws. 

For starters, because of his good attitude, he has a lot of opponents, some of them include Broly and even Frieza and his henchman.

So, today we are here with a list of the dumbest things Goku ever did in Dragon Ball… 

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did 

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did

Here is a list of Dumbest things that Goku did:

1. Letting Frieza reach 100% power

Frieza totally conquered and destroyed everything and everyone in his way during the Frieza arc of Dragon Ball Z.

He wiped off Krillin, Vegeta, and a large number of Namikians, and came dangerously close to destroying Gohan and Piccolo. 

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did
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Despite this, Goku allowed Frieza to unleash his full might when he turned into a Super Saiyan and was about to tear the villain to pieces in order to resolve the matter in a fair fight. Not exactly wise, but then again, giving him energy afterward wasn’t either. 

After trying to betray Goku, Frieza’s plan instantly failed when the latter blew him to pieces. Even though Frieza managed to survive both of these events as well as the planetary explosion, he continued to face punishment.

2. A Risky Path To Victory

Goku made the terrible decision of playing around with Shenron even though he and Vegeta had the upper hand. 

Eventually, Goku and Vegeta organically merged to form Gogeta. If they chose to, they were both capable of destroying Shenron. Goku insisted on using the new power that they both possessed. 

As a result, Shenron grew stronger, and the pair eventually infused and lost their vulnerability once more. Goku erred when he disregarded Vegeta’s advice and delayed overpowering Shenron. Although they ultimately succeed in defeating him, it was unquestionably a dangerous move on his part.

3. Turning A Driver’s Test Into A Race

A simpler example is when Chi-Chi scolded Goku and Piccolo for acquiring a car in one of the best filler episodes of Dragon Ball Z ever. 

The thought of cooking and running a bath for her family was the final straw for her after having to walk the entire distance home! They would have to prepare their own meals if they didn’t have a car, she insisted. 

Then Goku insisted on making what ought to have been a simple driving test into a high-speed race that completely failed them and he couldn’t even drive. He attempted to save a bus from falling off a cliff by ramming into it, but when that failed, he and Piccolo had to save the bus. This was the better part of the episode.

4. Missing The Most Important Family Moment

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did

As was mentioned earlier, Vegeta was present when Bulla was born. Given how he neglected his training, one may assume that Vegeta’s birth was a significant event in his life. 

He even held Bulla in his arms since he felt it was his responsibility to give her a name. Goku, on the other hand, was never there when Goten was born. 

When it occurred, he was in the middle of exercising, and he didn’t appear very embarrassed about it. It’s never a good indication when Vegeta succeeds better than Goku at really surviving as a human. 

Despite being more powerful than Vegeta, Goku has no idea how much his family matters to him.

5. Letting Go Of Raditz’s Tail

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did

In the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz kidnaps Gohan and made Piccolo and Goku defend him by burying the hatchet.

Raditz was firmly pinned down by Goku’s tail, leaving him vulnerable to the Special Beam Cannon. Goku was forced to release his grip by Raditz, who then pounded Goku to the ground. It took the villain’s sacrifice to be defeated in the end. 

Even though Goku has a good heart, there should be a point at which kindness turns injoy foolishness.

6. This Shouldn’t Have Even Scratched Him

Dragon Ball Super’s appearance of Frost, a fighting competition’s Frost, a clone of Frieza, was one of the show’s most odd moments. Frost was not in any way more powerful than Goku. He lacked Goku’s strength by a considerable margin. Goku, though, was sad to lose to the beast. Yes, Frost did defraud. Goku had plenty of time to defeat Frost, though. 

Goku defeated Frost so thoroughly that even Frost’s opponents’ supporters felt awful for him. However, Frost’s cordial demeanor made Goku too at ease and offered him the chance to strike, which he did. It was quite embarrassing.

7. His Rather Dumb Plans With Buu

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did

Even on his solo, Majin Buu is a formidable opponent. Goku sought to defeat him by transforming into Super Saiyan 3, which consumed the majority of his life energy. He didn’t quite complete the task and had to return to complete it with Super Buu. 

The fusion with Gohan was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the earrings’ shattering prevented Super or Kid Buu from being defeated because Vegeta was proud enough to forgo trying again. Goku had numerous opportunities to eliminate Buu but chose not to.

8. Why Would You Bother Sparing Him?

After defeating Majin Buu, Goku once more abandoned his family to train with Uub, the Kid Buu reincarnation. 

Goku stated that he would spend years teaching Uub everything he knows. Sadly, Uub was never able to go past Dragon Ball GT, therefore the training was completely unneeded. Uub, though, didn’t really contribute much to the series as a whole. 

Goku could have used the opportunity to train Goten, the other son he had overlooked. Instead, he wastes his time training a character that hasn’t had much of an impact during the entire series. Goku, use good judgment.

9. Watching From The Sidelines

Dumbest Things Goku Ever Did

After Beerus slapped his wife, Vegeta had a wonderful moment beating the hell out of the latter. Vegeta displayed his courage, even if it was just for a few seconds. 

It was later discovered that Goku was absentmindedly watching the entire episode from a distance. Yes, Goku has no chance against Beerus and wouldn’t have made any difference. 

But what good did it do to witness the battle from a distance? Would Vegeta have acted similarly? Most likely not. Again, Goku played a blundering charade, and in the end, Vegeta, Bulma, and Piccolo hated him for allowing Beerus to rampage through Earth in an effort to obliterate it. And Goku’s family actually resides on Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is Goku’s weakest transformation?

Ans – Super Saiyan is currently Goku’s weakest transformation. 

Q2) What is Goku’s coolest form?

Ans – Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) is the coolest form of Goku. 

Q3) How high is Goku’s IQ?

Ans – As per reports, Goku’s IQ is 76. 

Q4) What are the stupidest things Goku did?

Ans – Some of the bad decisions of Goku are – Letting Frieza max out, Watching Beerus and Vegeta fight, and Letting go of Raditz’s tail. 


So, this was our article on the dumbest decision Goku took in Dragon Ball Z. Do you have something to add? Feel free to comment it down!! Make sure to stay tuned for more exciting articles!! 

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