Drip Goku’s Powers Will Make You Swoon!! Can He Defeat Zeno?

Recently,  the craze of Drip Goku is flooding around the Internet. So, who is this version of Goku? Does he exist in reality or it’s just a fan creation? Read on to know everything 

Drip Goku is a being who got the power of Drip/Supreme. This made him stronger than Omnipotence in his base form and instantly enabled him to reach the meme-verse. 

Thanks to this power and his transcendence of level, Drip Goku went even further than innumerable Meme Characters, reaching a level that can only be attained by True Meme Beings, making him OmniMemeVersal+. 

Goku destroyed all the MemeVersal creatures with a single blast of his Dripity, except for the OmniMemeVersal ones, which he barely gave a chance against.

Who is Drip Goku? 

drip goku
Credit – Twitter.com

One of the most famous examples of this fanart is an illustration of Goku donning a Supreme t-shirt and a jacket with the words “By Any Means Necessary” printed on the back. Around October 2020, photos often appeared in “bait and switch” films. 

No Sply, an artist, had previously posted two works depicting the Dragon Ball character Goku dressed in a black Supreme branded shirt and a black The North Face jacket with the words “By Any Means Necessary” in repeated type.

On June 13, 2017, a Facebook user named No Sply posted a picture of a framed poster with the picture on it.

How powerful is Drip Goku?

drip goku
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We’ve already shown that Drip Goku is not on the same level as Omnipotence and Boundlessness. Instead, he has reached the realms of Dripotence, Dripscience, and Dripresence. 

Compared to the rest of the universe, Drip Goku’s power is so great that the inhabitants of OmniMemeVerse+ can easily dwarf him. By his might alone, he transcended the so-called “SuggsVerse.”

That fact alone places Goku instantly and Drip-infinitely above all other anime heroes. Even compared to the most powerful characters in ANIME, MARVEL and DC, Drip Goku is an overwhelming force. 

If the original Goku Drip can single-handedly take on a whole anime, then MUI Goku Drip should be able to take out the vast majority of the cast of the OmniMemeVerse. In addition, MUI Goku Drip could be upgraded to Complex SSS+ (x2).

Is Drip Goku the strongest in Dragon Ball? 

drip goku
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In the Dragon Ball series, characters can change into different forms, giving them superpowers and other advantages. Drip Goku, who only appears in the Dragon Ball GT anime, goes through one of the more remarkable transformations. 

Goku changes into this form when he gets so angry that he starts to sweat a lot. During this time, not only does he gain massive new levels of power, but he also becomes extremely irresponsible and open to manipulation.

Because this is more of a matter of taste among Dragon Ball fans, there is no universally accepted response to this topic. However, many perceive him as more modest and down-to-earth and hold that Goku is more of a “drip” or show-offy character. 

One’s opinion of Goku and his character is, ultimately, subjective. Among fictional characters, Goku Drip is the most formidable. Nobody can take him on. He has easily stepped on the toes of two immensely potent entities, The Creator and Featherine Augustus Aurora. Goku’s dark hair symbolizes his status as one of the most formidable protagonists in the Dragon Ball series. 

Goku exemplifies the calm confidence and strength commonly associated with the color blue. His calmness and resilience in combat allow him to prevail even when the odds are stacked against him. As a result, his hair’s shade symbolizes his authority and significance.

Is Drip Goku canon? 

drip goku
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There is Infinite Potential in Drip-Goku, but there is no such thing as Drip-Goku in the canon series. 


Frieza was able to be challenged by this new power, and Ultra Instinct quickly fell to second place. After his battle with Emerald Frieza, he picked up Drip, which gave him the strength to match Frieza’s. 

However, Frieza’s newfound strength wasn’t enough to keep him from being beaten. Drip Goku is a fan art that features the anime and cartoon character Goku dressed in hip-hop garb. On June 13, 2017, @MacheteBlack, a Twitter user, first shared the photograph. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Where did Goku get his drippy origin story?

“Drip Goku,” made in 2012 and based on fan art, shows different anime and cartoon characters dressed in streetwear. A Twitter user named @MacheteBlack shared one of the frontal artworks on June 13, 2017, and it went viral. In three years, it got over 370 retweets and 1,400 likes.

The strength of Drip Goku?

The original form of Goku, dripping. It is roughly the same as 50. At 100%, Goku’s instincts are ultra-high. In addition to that, The most Drip comes from Goku’s faucet.

Do you think Goku can win against Drip Goku?

Drip Goku is so powerful that he can easily be matched in the OmniMemeVerse+. That fact alone places Goku instantly and Drip-infinitely above all other anime heroes. 

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