Dragon Ball Super Timeline Explained – Will Broly Get A Solo Movie In The Future?

Understanding “Dragon Ball” isn’t that difficult. In all seriousness, the series primarily revolves around strong individuals engaged in conflict fighting each other in high-speed encounters. Okay, so the tried-and-true “Dragon Ball” formula may be a little complicated, but the main idea of antagonist Goku and his buddies isn’t too difficult to understand. The “Dragon Ball” timeline, however, tells a different tale.

Like the previous “Dragon Ball” editions, “Dragon Ball Super” gives fans cutting-edge graphics and storylines that propel the well-known Japanese series into the future and assist fans in traveling even further back in time. The first movie in the series, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” based on the Universal Survival epic from the “Dragon Ball Super” anime, was released in 2018. So, here is Dragon Ball Super timeline explained!! 

It includes Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and other well-known historical figures. The second film in the series, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” takes place after “Broly,” was formally published on April 22.

Dragon Ball Super Timeline
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Everything might get more challenging in “Dragon Ball” regarding abiding by the timetable. This is partly due to the history of narrative twists and arguments over what constitutes canon across the “Dragon Ball” series. Trunks, who stay fans’ beloved time-traveling, sword-wielding Super Saiyan, confuse the course of time by introducing his other reality. 

The timeframe could have been more perplexing in light of the impending “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.” We now have a clearer understanding of the film’s place in the series due to the film’s makers.

And did you know? The events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero occurs after the final Broly movie.

Super Hero was supposed to take place after the happenings of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, in which the Legendary Super Saiyan was vanquished by Gogeta and is now spending his days on the alien planet that he calls home. The film’s makers stated this during this NYCC panel. 

Pan appears to be catching up to the present timeline as he gains power while training under Piccolo’s strict supervision, even though the film’s plot will occur before the “End of Z,” the last episode of Dragon Ball Z that depicted the Z Fighters further in the future.

Dragon Ball Super enthusiasts are aware that Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which pitted Goku and Vegeta versus the Legendary Super Saiyan, took place after the Tournament of Power Saga. There are still some uncertainties about when the next movie will take effect in that respect because that movie served as a prequel to the Moro Arc, the plot in which the Z Fighters battled an evil sorcerer who had the power to absorb energy.

 What time did Dragon Ball Super Broly take place?

Dragon Ball Super Timeline
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The events of Dragon Ball Super Broly occur after the Tournament of Power. According to legend, Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans and the supposedly greatest Saiyan, was no match for Broly from the moment of his birth. But this isn’t the first time a low-class Saiyan Warrior has defeated Vegeta. 

With his unmatched Super Saiyan abilities and massive strength, Broly stands out from the crowd. It even challenged our protagonists for first place. Broly was able to defeat Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue state and was on par with Vegeta in super Saiyan power alone.

The first Dragon Ball Super film and the 20th Dragon Ball movie is called Dragon Ball Super Broly. Like most of the previous films in the Dragon Ball franchise, it is a non-cannon film. The film’s principal adversary, the misdirected Paragus, is the father of Broly. Despite not being a canon character, Broly has enormous popularity, which is why Akira Toriyama’s editor requested that Broly make another appearance. 

Toriyama is attempting to include Broly in the “Dragon Ball Canon” with this character iteration. Since becoming a renowned Super Saiyan, Kale has gained popularity as well. Therefore, this may be the ideal time for Broly to make a canonical appearance.

When does Dragon Ball Super take place?

Dragon Ball Super Timeline

When Dragon Ball Super was aired in 2015, fans worldwide were delighted as it was nearly two decades since the last new Dragon Ball anime. Dragon Ball Z’s characters didn’t seem to have aged much, even if there had been a two-decade real-time jump, which raises the issue of “when Dragon Ball Super takes place”?

Dragon Ball Super took place four years after the conclusion of the Majin Buu storyline in “Dragon Ball Z,” as most ardent fans are likely well aware. With Majin Buu defeated in Age 774, “Super” is expressly set in Age 778 of the series on manga and fan sites such as Dragon Ball Guru and Anime Hunch.

The problem is that, even though “Dragon Ball Super” takes place after Buu has been defeated, the entire plot takes place before the conclusion of “Dragon Ball Z,” wherein Goku, as well as the other characters, are seen to have grown up and become “old,” as Akira Toriyama, the maker, and show creator, put it in a 2013 interview. 

According to Toriyama’s statement to the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, “I picked this time [for “Dragon Ball Super”) because everyone had reached their peak power” (via Kanzenshuu). Toriyama clarified the justification in a previous remark: “I reflected, “Man, I sure made everyone elderly.” Vegeta even got a mustache from me.”

We know that Dragon Ball Super began in the year 778, but here we have listed several significant occasions along with their dates to convey what transpired throughout those four years.

Dragon Ball Super Timeline
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  • Age 778
  • Beerus vs. Goku
  • Gohan and Videl got married
  • Age 779
  • Golden Frieza invades Earth
  • Future Trunks reemerged
  • Pan is born
  • Age 780
  • Android 17 wins the Tournament of Power 
  • Goku and Vegeta battle Broly 
  • Bulla is born
  • Between Age 780 & 782

The actions depicted in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime occur.

  • Age 781, May 7

There is the 27th World Martial Arts Championship, where the winner is Mr. Satan, and Buu is the runner-up.

  • Between May Age782 and May Age783.

The events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero occur

  • Age 784, as of May 7

There is the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku departs to train Uub.

So far, those are all the important dates for Dragon Ball Super. Goku’s saga is far from ended, though, since new Dragon Ball Super comics and the movie Dragon Ball Super are scheduled for publication in 2022.

Dragon Ball Super Timeline


While some fans may be surprised by the timeline insertion, many others online are already aware of it and have come to terms with the usage of “Dragon Ball Super” to fill in the blanks created by Toriyama’s 10-year timespan between Buu’s defeat as well as the “Dragon Ball Z” epilogue. 

Others even predict that “Super” would completely exclude the last episode from canon. Redditor u/gecko-chan commented in a “Super” discussion post that “most fans have acknowledged that ‘Dragon Ball Super definitely recon’s that final episode of ‘DBZ’.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are Dragon Ball Super and GT related?

Because GT and Dragon Ball Super occur at different historical times, they may theoretically coexist in the same canon. Even if Dragon Ball GT hasn’t been rewritten, Dragon Ball Super dramatically changes the events of the first installment.

  • Dragon Ball Super has how many different timelines?

There are seven different timeframes. Kanzenshuu provides a reasonable explanation by demonstrating each timeline’s creation dates and motivations concerning their time rings.

  • In which year does Dragon Ball Super take place?

It takes place between Dragon Ball Z episodes 288 and 289 and is the first new narrative to appear in a Dragon Ball television series in 18 years since the conclusion of Dragon Ball GT in 1997.

  • Is Kai a target for Dragon Ball Super?

Suppose you stopped watching on Cell after DB Kai. In that case, you must watch the complete Boo’s adventure, which begins on episode 217 of the original Dragon Ball Z. Following that, you may watch Super or learn some spoilers for the 2013 film Battle of Gods, which is essentially the same narrative but is condensed.

  • In Dragon Ball Super, how is Frieza still alive?

Sorbet and Tagoma revive Frieza because they believe that Frieza’s resurrection is necessary to bring back the Frieza Force to its previous grandeur. The two then take Frieza’s diced-up Mecha Frieza state to their ship, wherein they employ their highly developed medical technology to transform him back into his complete organic form.

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