Dragon Ball Super Mysterious Anime Announced!! Shocking Updates Out

Creators have revealed what will happen in the upcoming arc of Dragon Ball Super, which will shortly be ending its sabbatical and returning for new chapters. 

As the Granolah the Survivor arc ended this summer, it was revealed that the manga would go on an extended break while the cast worked on the next arc.

Since then, fans have been speculating about potential intentions for the series’ future and with the release of the manga’s upcoming arc.

The official website for the series has revealed that the manga will return to the pages of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine on December 21 in Japan, following earlier teases stating that we would get to witness a new Dragon Ball Super Mysterious anime arc sometime this year. 

What will happen in the Super Hero Arc of Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Mysterious Anime
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Although it appears from the arc’s name, “Super Hero,” that it will relate to the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, nothing more than that and the first complete picture of Goten and Trunks in some new hero suits have been revealed on the official website for the series. 

However, they are the same age as in the most recent movie, so at least the manga will further age them as the series progresses. The website only mentions the mysterious tease, “The cheeky pair of the half-Saiyans become heroes who protect the peace of the city,” about Dragon Ball Super’s new Super Hero arc.

We’ll soon learn more of our answers, though, as it begins with Chapter 88 of the series, and the manga returns for new chapters later this year.

Dragon Ball Super mysterious anime announcement!! 

Dragon Ball Super Mysterious Anime
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The year has been eventful for Dragon Ball Super. Our heroes are under constant pressure from the vast movie comeback and the upcoming manga arc.

The teaser is as authentic as they come because it was posted directly from the official Twitter account for the Dragon Ball Super Mysterious anime arc. Of course, fans have their own very diverse theories about this teaser. 

As the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on Blu-ray approaches, some people are sure that this update has something to do with it. 

Dragon Ball Super Mysterious Anime
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After all, the film did revive the Red Ribbon Army, and the tweet alludes to a remark uttered by Magenta in the movie. Others, though, think the teaser refers to something altogether different.

Nevertheless, there is still hope for Dragon Ball Super’s comeback to television. Millions of Goku fans are still yearning for him to reclaim the small screen. Far be it from fans to grumble if the Red Ribbon Army has what it takes to launch a comeback! 

Fans will be kept guessing all night long by Dragon Ball and its mysterious announcement for the time being. Fans will be ready to take in whatever is offered to them when Toei Animation releases its new project, which is scheduled to happen soon.

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