Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc: Everything We Know Till Now!!

In recent times, the story of Dragon Ball Super has got a bunch of twists and turns. With the introduction of Black Frieza and a bunch of new transformations, the future is pretty uncertain. While the fans were expecting a full-fledged Frieza Black arc after the villain showed a glimpse of his powers in the last arc, the creators have other plans. 

Dragon Ball Super manga new arc will be shifting the story to a new end, with Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks under the spotlight. So, what do we know about Dragon Ball Super next arc? Read on to know. 

When Will The New Dragon Ball Super Arc Begin?

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc
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Finally, after a long, long wait, the fans are just a few weeks away from the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga. As per the official confirmations, the new chapter will be out on December 20, 2022. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc’s Title 

The new Dragon Ball Super story or arc is titled, “Super Hero.” This is a clear reference to the latest Dragon Ball Super anime movie named Super Hero. The second Dragon Ball Super movie dropped in theaters in the US in the summer of 2022 and created a huge buzz. So, now, it’s time to explore the story more. 

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc Story 

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc
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The first look of Dragon Ball Super new arc delivers a sneak peek of aged Goten and Trunks, wearing superhero costumes. So, it is a clear indication that the story will feature a new look at the world of Dragon Ball. 

As per the leaks, the new Dragon Ball Super arc will be an official prequel to the DBS Super Hero movie. It will give a clear picture of how Gohan attained a new form and will weave the chemistry between Piccolo and Kakarot’s son. 

Moreover, the fans will get to see the story of Goten and Trunks as they walk on the path of Gohan, getting the identities of heroes. Although all these are just some speculations, it seems the creators are smartly syncing the manga, anime, and films together. 

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc?

Dragon Ball Super Manga New Arc
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The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super will be out on Shonen Jump. The readers will have to pay a few pennies to get access to a wide library of manga. You can read a bunch of manga by just paying $1.99/month. 

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