Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Leaks Reveal Goku & Vegeta’s First Move Against Frieza 

Dragon Ball Super has a lot on its plate this month, and we can thank the manga for that. The series will resume shortly with chapter 88 after a brief break. 

Fans are excited to see what the manga has in store since the major comeback will usher in a new arc. 

Naturally, with the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 leaks, all eyes are on social media. Before the draft’s release, the update was discovered on the official Dragon Ball website. 

As you can see below, the page preview of chapter 88 contains new information regarding Goku and Vegeta after they left Planet Cereal.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 leaks: Goku & Vegeta are still grieving Frieza’s loss

dragon ball super chapter 88 leaks
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 pick up where it left off in Chapter #87 and did not merely concentrate on the events involving Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, and the Red Ribbon army’s return to Planet Earth. 

It will be interesting to see how long it has been since Black Frieza first appeared. Given that Goten and Trunks appear to be adults in the advertising photos and that many years have passed after the conclusion of the Granolah Arc, Goku and Vegeta must have been practicing for a long time. 

It’s fascinating to consider the new forms and potent skills that Goku and Vegeta have created, but the tale will now be entirely centered on a different cast of characters for the first time. 

Gohan and Piccolo will take the stage first in the brand-new, electric arc of Dragon Ball Super, which will launch on December 20 with chapter #88. Afterward, Goten and Trunks will also make an appearance.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date 

dragon ball super chapter 88 leaks
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The DBS Manga has been on break since August’s end of the Granolah arc. Some may wonder if this month will be the same as last because the most recent chapter was Chapter 87, and there was no chapter in September, October, or November. The good news is that Toyotarou has finished prepping for the new manga arc. 

Thus the series will resume this month. As reported by numerous sources, the ‘Super Hero Arc’ will kick off this month’s Dragon Ball Super Manga on December 20. 

dragon ball super chapter 88 leaks
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On December 14 at 10 a.m., the draughts, leaks, and early spoilers will begin to surface (JST). Therefore, this story arc will primarily focus on what occurs on Earth while Goku and Vegeta train in Beerus’ world. This suggests that the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero events may be adapted for the manga in the upcoming chapters. 

But the story will begin with our favorite youthful Saiyans, Goten, and Trunks, before moving on to Beast Gohan or Orange Piccolo. They have matured since the DBS: SH film and now go about their lives as students who also happen to be part-time superheroes. 

So Goten and Trunks will develop their own alter egos and aid society locally, much like how Gohan became the Great Saiyanman.

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