Dragon Ball Kakumei Explained!! What Happened In Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 2? 

While Dragon Ball Super Season 1 left the fans with a couple of questions, a popular fan manga, Dragon Ball Kakumei took the story to a new level. 

The events following the TOP and the effects of Android 17’s wish to restore all the erased universes are covered in Dragon Ball super Kakumei. 

The desire not only fixed the universes that were deleted during the TOP but also restored the six earlier universes Zeno had destroyed: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. 

Recent Dragon Ball media releases have become somewhat perplexing. The manga is still being published despite the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Super anime. 

Although there are several games and a new movie, Dragon Ball Super Hero, the franchise’s future is uncertain. If you’ve heard of the Dragon Ball Super Kakumei manga, you might wonder whether it’s a legitimate publication or a fan translation. 

If you are wondering what happened in Dragon Ball Kakumei, here is all we know. 

Dragon Ball Super Kakumei Chapter 1

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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Following the Tournament of Power, the plot of Dragon Ball super Kakumei picks up and deals with the effects of Android 17 restoring the destroyed universes. 

The wish brought back Universe 19, which possesses warriors strong enough to defeat Zeno and the angels and the six universes Zeno destroyed. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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In the Grand Priest’s palace, where all the angels have assembled to discuss this issue, the opening chapter depicts the start of a conflict. And that’s it. 

And yes, the manga is fan-made and unofficial; however, the plot is surprisingly engaging and satisfying.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 2  

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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The unimaginable evil manifests itself. Destroyed Universes 13 through 18 saw the resurrection of Gods of Destruction and even Angels of every color and size, while a strange Universe 19 emerged from its confinement. 

Worse, an old enemy or ally engages in more nasty work. However, the second and third chapters of Kakumei are challenging to locate because they were taken down following the initial cancellation.


Dragon Ball Kakumei
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Akira Toriyama’s unofficial manga, Dragon Ball super Kakumei, is unavailable. It does not appear in V Jump and is not published by Shueisha or Viz Media. 

Instead, it’s a doujinshi, a fan-created, non-canon story. Fans of the series can check out Dragon Ball Super Kakumei. The artwork is excellent, and the story picks off where the Tournament of Power left off. 

There aren’t any erotic components, making it one of the uncommon doujinshi that doesn’t focus on shipping. Sadly, this doujinshi was abandoned a few years ago after the third chapter. It appears to have been revived and might be back in production. 

Those who prefer something else to the direction Dragon Ball Super is taking should read Kakumei. We’ll cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t get postponed again. 

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