Dragon Ball Kakumei All Chapters Explained!!

Dragon Ball Kakumei

With Dragon Ball Super Season 2 knocking at the doors, the fans are pretty much curious to know what its story will unwrap. However, many are anxious about the ending of season 1. They need clarification about whether Dragon Ball Super Season 1 has a happy ending or if the next season will pick up the story from where it has left us and roll the audience into new twists and turns. 

So, as per the official leaks, the new season will bring a brand new story or will cover the Galactic Patrol aka Moro Arc. However, if you are a die-hard fan, who is interested in a story other than the canon one, we have something special for you. 

Did you hear the title, “Dragon Ball Kakumei”? If you are a fan, we know you do. So, today, we are here with a brand new story that unveils what happens after Android 17’s wish in Dragon Ball Super Season 1. So, are you excited? Because we are. Make sure to read the complete article to know about Dragon Ball Kakumei all chapters. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei

What Is Dragon Ball Kakumei?

So, to start with, let’s first understand what Dragon Ball Kakumei is. If you are thinking it’s just a story or some canon stuff, you may be wrong. Dragon Ball Kakumei is a super popular fan manga that picks up the story after Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power saga. It revolves around the consequences of Android 17’s wish that revives all planets including the deadliest of all, Planet Zero. The wish not only brought the Planets that were erased from the TOP but also turned back the tables bringing back universes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei is worth a read for the fans. The story is well-crafted and it proceeds in an incredibly logical way. It’s more of a fan service manga, delivering the fans what they need. Every character, every form, and every scene is explored to the deepest. 

However, for the fans, it’s hard to find Dragon Ball Kakumei all chapters at one stop. So, today, Sassyweeb is here with a detailed summary of all chapters. So, make sure to read the chapters serially to get the true essence of the plot…  

Is Dragon Ball Kakumei Canceled?

Dragon Ball Kakumei came as a fan-made manga, however, within a blink of an eye, it turned out to be the best in the list. The fans showered their love on the Dragon Ball Kakumei manga. The thrilling and super-interesting plot grabbed the eyeballs of the readers and they were simply obsessed with it. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, the manga was canceled after a few chapters. But, don’t worry as we have covered most of the manga below to give you a super dose of entertainment. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 1 – Goku vs Beerus 

Dragon Ball Kakumei takes the readers to ride into a world of drama, suspense, thrill, and jaw-dropping action. The story picks up after Android 17’s wish to restore all the erased universes. Though it starts after the Dragon Ball Super Broly arc, it deals with what was left unaddressed after the T.O.P. event. 

In Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 1, we see Kale and Caulifa trying to convince Champa to teach them a new technique. Suddenly, Champa’s planets get some unexpected shakes. The duo get impressed that Champa would be teaching them this technique. However, Champa’s expressions prove that something is wrong. Things are not what they appear. Next, the scene shifts to Velmont and Toppo, who were staring at each other. Suddenly, they experience an incredible power that shocks them. They predict that this is no one other than Beerus and Goku, the strongest warriors of Universe 7. 

Next, we hail to Universe 7. Dark clouds have surrounded the complete place. The buildings are collapsing. We see Krillin trying to rescue the civilians. He seems pretty confused. He is shocked by the power of Goku. 

Then, the scene shifts to Goku. He is no longer a normal Saiyan. He has climbed to the levels of the Gods. Goku is surrounded by an aura of power, he is releasing energy waves every second. The energy waves are so powerful that they are striking and destroying a new planet every second. Goku seems unstoppable. But what are all these for? Is he fighting a new villain? Definitely not. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei

Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 1 finally unveils the most awaited rematch in the history of Dragon Ball – Goku vs Beerus. 

The God of Destruction is also surprised by the immense power of a mortal. He is confused about how a Saiyan can achieve so much excellence. However, on the other hand, he is happy to see Goku as a worthy competitor. So, within seconds the much-anticipated fight starts. 

Goku looks pretty much more powerful and muscular than he was in T.O.P. The fight soon picks up the heat as they exchange ki blasts. The constant battle drops some moments of fatigue in both the warriors. 

However, we all know how Beerus is. He fails to control his anger and soon grabs Goku’s face to finish him off. But, the Saiyan manages to escape. Next, both of them are driven to a new planet. The battle starts again and Goku is unable to cope up with the mighty God of Destruction. So, he decides to leave the place to get some rest in between. However, Beerus manages to grab his feet and with mighty strength, he throws Goku away. Destroying a bunch of planets Goku crashes on a new and unknown planet, named Tako-Tako. 

Beerus’ slam was so powerful that most of Tako Tako gets damaged. However, Beerus is still not satisfied. He prepares a death ball to finish things off. Wounded Goku sees a native of the planet and yells out to get him out of his way. Goku decides to jump to the planet’s moon so that Beerus’ attack hits the moon and the planet gets no damage. 

However, destiny has other plans. Goku jumps to the moon. But to his surprise, the native or kid of planet Tako Tako was hanging on his legs. So, everyone knows what will happen next. We will get to see a hero moment. Goku attempts to save the kid and in that he rips off his back exploding to almost death. 

Now, as we know rage fuels a Saiyan, Beerus’ deadly attack ignites Goku’s rage and he moves up to a new level. His body becomes more muscular. His hairs turn white and he unleashes his new and ultimate transformation. He acquired his Ultra Instinct Omen form. So, what’s next? Stay tuned and we will bring new chapters revealing the fate of Goku in this fight. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Read – Is There Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 10?

The Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 10 has finally been released. Those unfamiliar with it should know that Darkows, Poisson Labo, and Reenko created a fan manga titled Dragon Ball Kakumei. 

The story takes place after the events of the Tournament of Power and the Dragon Ball Super Broly film, but it is not a direct sequel to any of those works. The other Z warriors have two years to train for an inter-universe conflict while Goku is imprisoned in Universe Zero. For their mission, Krillin, Yamcha, and Ten Shin Han travel to universe 9’s Calament, home to the Trio of Danger. Universe 6 features Goten and Trunks on Beerus and Vegeta, and Sadala.

Meanwhile, Gohan travels to Parallel World 11 to join the Pride Troopers. Once Majin Buu ingested Paparoni’s robot, he was sent to the Demon Realm, as seen in the previous chapter. As for Gohan, he completed his assignment in Universe 11 and was accepted into the Pride Troopers. Meanwhile, Beerus travels to an unknown location, and probably somewhere he hasn’t been in millennia. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 10

This chapter of Dragon Ball Kakumei is named “True Justice,” and it can be read right now. As a treat for readers of the rapidly expanding fan-manga, Dragon Ball Kakumei, Chapter 10 is now available online. 

As they do at the end of each month, the team has reminded us that the suite is available for immediate and free reading on the Mangadraft website. Since it is the project team making information available to you, you can read it without cost or risk because you are a team member. Kakumei volumes 1 and 2 are now available for preorder on the internet.

“True justice” is the title of The Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 10. The fan manga group uses this, the final chapter of Volume 2, to promote online book pre orders. A great conflict is coming, and everyone is doing all they can to prepare for it. 

Unlike Dragon Ball Super, which mostly follows Goku and Vegeta, Universe 11’s Pride Troopers feature a wide cast of characters, including Gohan, Goten, a young Trunks, and many more. Goten and Trunks work with Whis in Chapters 9 and 10 to hone their skills and prepare for the Super Saiyan Blue test. 

Also, Vegeta is a great bulwark for the Saiyans in Universe 6 because he taught their ruler some manners. Attention, Toyotaro: And this is how you handle the Saiyan prince. In the meantime, Beerus and Champa embark on their latest adventure together.

Is Dragon Ball Kakumei An Official Manga Release? 

Akira Toriyama has not authorized the publication of Dragon Ball Kakumei. It is neither serialized in V Jump nor published by Shueisha or Viz Media. As an alternative, it is a doujinshi, a fan-made, off-canon story. Dragon Ball Kakumei takes up soon after the Tournament of Power and deals with the fallout from Android 17 repairing the deleted universes. 

The wish brought back Universe 19, one of the six universes Zeno had previously destroyed, and its warriors were strong enough to defeat Zeno and the angels. The doujinshi was abruptly canceled when the third chapter was released a few years ago. Interest has been renewed, and it may soon be manufactured again. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, you should check out Dragon Ball Super Kakumei. The artwork is good, and the story makes sense after the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. 

As far as we can tell, there is no erotica, making this one of the unusual doujinshi that doesn’t center around pairings for sexual purposes. Kakumei’s second and third chapters were canceled along with the original series; therefore, finding them can be difficult. Kakumei is recommended reading for anyone who wants to be more thrilled with the direction Dragon Ball Super is taking. We’re crossing our fingers that it won’t have to be rescheduled.

Dragon Ball Kakumei All Chapters  – How To Read Complete Dragon Ball Kakumei Manga?

Make sure to stay tuned as we will update our website with Dragon Ball Kakumei all chapters soon. 

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