Does Bakugo Die In MHA? Can He Return? 

My Hero Academia’s chapter 364, “Why We Wield Power,” presents a remedy for Bakugo’s dire predicament. 

There is disagreement over whether this is the best decision narratively, though. In the shonen manga, fake-out deaths are nothing new, but if they’re mishandled, they can seriously undermine the narrator’s credibility. 

Shigaraki dealt a devastating blow in Chapter 362, “Light Fades to Rain,” which left a hole in his chest and hurt his heart. So, does Bakugo die in MHA or not? Let’s find out.

What Happens To Bakugo In My Hero Academia?

Does Bakugo Die In MHA
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Does Bakugo die in MHA or not? According to what happens in manga chapter 362 of My Hero Academia, Bakugo dies and is currently dead. 

This is due to Shigaraki, under the influence of All for One, who had been fighting to buy time for Deku to show up and engage the main antagonist in their pivotal battle. 

All for One proved too decisive due to the implantation of his many accumulated idiosyncrasies into the younger and less worn Shigaraki’s body, even though he had the backing of UA’s Big Three, a plethora of Pro Heroes, and a few of his classmates. 

Likewise, for several reasons, All for One was determined to murder Bakugo. One was to inflict Izuku with as many serious injuries as possible, possibly driving him insane enough to prevent him from using One for All effectively.

The other is that Bakugo presented a significant threat to All for One, using his Explosion quirk with sufficient proficiency that, in other circumstances, he might have had a chance to defeat him. 

While this possibility existed, Bakugo decided against fleeing under any circumstances and went head-to-head with All for One. Even yet, he didn’t increase the potency of his quirk to a point where it could have stopped All for One from killing him.

Does Bakugo Die In MHA? Will Bakugo Return?

Does Bakugo Die In MHA
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Fortunately, Bakugo can be returned from the dead thanks to a McGuffin that My Hero Academia introduced. Not only that but it’s done in a way that nobody else besides Khei Horikoshi would have considered. 

There may be a possibility for Bakugo to appear in My Hero Academia in the future. Eri and her famous Reversal Quirk, featured in the manga, are a reasonably distinctive aspect and character that might be able to end this tragic death. 

Bakugo might be transported back to when he was still alive because she can reverse the state of living to an earlier time in the person’s existence.

Does Bakugo Die In MHA
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Throughout My Hero Academia, there were a few instances where her talent was revealed. 

Even though fans are aware that the resurrection of Bakugo is technically possible within the My Hero Academia universe, the likelihood of this happening has yet to be established. 

If Khei Horikoshi, the manga creator, decides to revive one of our favorite My Hero Academia characters from the dead, only time will tell.

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