Did Disney Buy Demon Slayer?

Walt Disney is planning to distribute new movies online in response to investor pressure, as most cinemas in the U.S. are still closed or operating at a reduced capacity due to coronavirus restrictions. 

However, a business strategy like that would be detrimental to Japan’s cinemas, which are very audience-friendly. Japanese box office records have been broken by the animated movie “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train,” which has made over 20 billion yen ($190 million) in the three weeks since its first release. 

One of the main reasons for the movie’s appeal is that it was based on a well-known series. The absence of any competition from Disney or other Hollywood studios is the other, though.

So, did Disney buy Demon Slayer? Let’s find out.

Disney strengthens its partnership with Japan’s Kodansha

Did disney buy demon slayer
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The beginning of a glitzy Asia-Pacific multimedia expo conducted on Wednesday in Singapore. The Walt Disney Company recently announced extending its long-standing collaboration with Kodansha, a significant player in Japanese publishing. 

Did Disney buy Demon Slayer? To catch up to competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in subscriber reach across the developing Asia-Pacific region, Disney has made Korean drama and Japanese animation programming a central part of its original content strategy. 

The overall number of hours of regionally produced Asian programming available on Disney+ has surged eight-fold since last year, the company announced on Wednesday in Singapore. Disney is showcasing more than 50 episodes from its 2023 theatrical and streaming programming plan during its two-day event in Singapore. 

As part of the expanded partnership, exclusive anime series based on Kodansha manga will also be licensed, beginning with Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc, which will debut only on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar in 2023.

Did Disney buy Demon Slayer?

Did disney buy demon slayer
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Disney Plus provides a wide selection of films and television programs, but even the most recent series premiered in theatres before most streaming services. It is impossible to overstate how rich the Disney Plus library is. 

Disney Plus requires a subscription to one of its three bundles, which combine access to Hulu, which has the Demon Slayer show, to watch or stream movies and television shows. Therefore, Demon Slayer is available on Disney Plus.

Where can I watch Demon Slayer online free?

Did disney buy demon slayer
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The Demon Slayer series has climbed to the top of the most-streamed platform in recent months thanks to hundreds of millions of people around the world discovering it. 

As more people become aware of this gem, they will logically want to know where to find quality stuff to nourish their eyes. Of course, doing things lawfully is more fun, and you’ll value it even more for it. 

Please remember that most platforms require a fee before you can use them while deciding which one to identify. 

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