Top 9 Coolest Anime Swords That Are Overpowered!!

Anime spans every genre imaginable, but the most popular shows typically have a lot of action. While several of the characters in these combat scenes have special abilities, many others also make use of more conventional weapons. 

In anime, guns are somewhat widely present, but swords are much more prevalent, and they’re typically used by very adept and talented swordsmen. But which are the coolest anime swords

There isn’t much noteworthy about most of these swords; they just look like regular katanas or long swords. 

But there are a lot of anime swords with distinctive and fascinating designs, and many of them have additional features that make them much more fearsome. Having said that, some of these unusual swords are just more cool. So, here are all the coolest anime swords!!

Coolest Anime Swords 

Coolest Anime Swords

Here is the list of the Coolest Anime Swords:

1. Guts’ Sword (Berserk)

Two distinct anime versions of the iconic manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura each included Guts’ fabled Dragon Slayer sword.

Since Guts had got it, this large, hefty iron sword had been in continual use, and it was on the verge of disintegrating until its original maker reforged it to purify it. 

Guts’ sword throws a long shadow over both the shonen and seinen worlds, and both he and his sword are likely to have had a significant influence on later figures like Kirito and Ichigo Kurosaki.

Every seinen fan is familiar with and adores the Dragon Slayer and its allegorical place in Guts’ gore-filled exploits.

2. Tessaiga From Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

Coolest Anime Swords
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Tessaiga, the remarkable blade wielded by Inuyasha, is one of the coolest anime swords. It was created by Totosai using one of Toga’s fangs. The sword is referred to as “the sword of destruction” since it is thought to be able to slay 100 yokai in a single blow. 

Any power that comes into contact with Tessaiga can be absorbed. Inuyasha was able to battle a variety of foes thanks to the blade’s numerous forms.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki’s Sword, Tensa Zangetsu (Bleach)

While One Piece has many swords, Bleach, one of the “big three” anime, is nearly totally based on these weapons. In the anime series Bleach, soul-cutting swords are referred to as zanpakuto, and Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist, uses the most well-known and recognisable zanpakuto of all: Tensa Zangetsu. 

Ichigo got this weapon late in Season 1 after his standard zanpakuto broke; it represents his combined Soul Reaper and Quincy background. 

Its bankai is a long, thin blade with a handguard in the shape of a manji, and its shikai is a large cleaver. It can also launch Ichigo’s primary ranged strike, the Getsuga Tensho.

4. Dracule Mihawk’s Sword, Yoru (One Piece)

Coolest Anime Swords
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Zoro aspires to be the world’s greatest swordsman, but in order to do so, he must defeat Dracule Mihawk, who is an expert with every kind of bladed weapon. 

In One Piece, there are many grades of swords, and Mihawk is in possession of Yoru, one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords. 

Yoru features a curved, single-edged, black blade and resembles a crucifix. Its elaborate and lengthy golden cross guard is so long that the edges extend past Mihawk’s shoulders. The pommel is circular and blue, and the grip is bandaged. This blade is a fantastic match for Mihawk’s vampire appearance.

5. Kisame Hoshigaki’s Samehada (Naruto)

The terrifying Samehada, which is far more distinctive than Sasuke’s Blade of Kusanagi, is another well-known Naruto sword. 

The enormous Samehada is genuinely alive, and it will disallow anybody who attempts to wield it. 

The body of Samehada is covered in countless razor-sharp scales that she may use to rip her foe to gore pieces. 

Samehada is renowned for coming with bandages on by default, but when it is let loose, it begins collecting opponent chakra at a startling rate. 

Actually, it might even enlarge and open its mouth. Additionally, it has the capacity to unite with Kisame to increase his power even more.

6. Anos Voldigoad’s Venuzdonoa (The Misfit Of Demon King Academy)

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The main character of The Misfit Of Demon King Academy, Anos Voldigoad, spends the most of the series establishing who he is. He is referred to as the Demon King of Tyranny and has destructive eyes that can obliterate anything in his path. 

Anos made Venuzdonoa, a dark longsword, and when he summons it, shadows and dark specks appear on the ground until the blade materializes. Everything in existence, including things or beings that are designed to be forever, can be destroyed by this blade.

7. Future Trunks’ Sword(Dragon Ball Z)

Hunting for the coolest anime swords? How can we keep this one out? 

Many of the most powerful Dragon Ball characters battle using only their bare hands and energy strikes, sparingly employing weapons. 

However, the people of this world value technology and weapons, and Future Trunks in particular is well known for always carrying a sword. 

Trunks can easily slash apart the majority of enemies with that sword when he swings it about, but finally, his sword shattered. So, during the Future Trunks Saga, he acquired a new blade that had a fresh appearance. Trunks won’t be without anything for very long.

8. Ea Can Used By Gilgamesh (Fate Series)

The Fate franchise is immensely plot-heavy because every single installment is regarded as canon. The franchise revolves around a competition between heroic spirits, each of which is a legendary or real-life character. 

The only person who can use Ea is Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes and widely regarded as the strongest combatant in the series. It resembles a drill more than a sword. 

Three rotating segments make up the “blade,” which is divided into two parts. Its gold, black, and red color scheme makes it look gorgeous, yet its blunt tip can cut flesh.

9. Asta’s Demon-Dweller Sword (Black Clover)

Coolest Anime Swords
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Asta might easily turn into a villain and his sword would make him a serious menace if he were to fully embrace his devil power. 

Asta was born without the ability to create magic using mana, which is a skill that almost everyone in Black Clover possesses. He was able to gain a unique grimoire despite not possessing magic, and via it, he was able to obtain the Demon-Dweller sword. 

This blade has the ability to both cut through magic and absorbs other people’s magical power. The sword has black lines down the blade and appears to be covered in mud. It boasts a spiral-shaped grip, a spherical pommel, and an elaborate four-sided guard on the hilt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who has the best sword in anime?

Ans – Some of the characters who have the coolest Anime swords are – Enma from One Piece, Ea from Fate series, Venuzdonoa From The Misfit Of Demon King Academy and more.

Q2) What are some cool anime weapons?

Ans – Some of the coolest anime weapons are – God Arcs, Bankai, Samehada and more.

Q3) What is the most iconic sword?

Ans – Excalibur is the most iconic anime sword.


So, this was our article on the coolest Anime swords. Which is your favorite one? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles.

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