Chainsaw Man: Does Himeno Love Aki?

The majority of the characters in Chainsaw Man have never been partnered with someone in a positive way from the beginning. 

Himeno, who is a devil hunter, inspires the men to kill the Devil in exchange for a kiss. 

As a result, it constantly depicts the closeness between various characters and begs the question of who in the series is in love with whom.

Fans wonder if Himeno is in love with any of them or if it’s simply another of her acts to obtain something.

A few recent episodes of Chainsaw Man showed tenderness between Himeno and Aki and also between Denji and Himeno. 

So, does Himeno love Aki? Here is all we know. 

Himeno’s Personality

Does Himeno Love Aki
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Himeno is a stunning young woman who employs novel strategies to inspire other Devil Hunters to perform their duties flawlessly. 

She is one of the best Devil Hunters, and she even trained other outstanding Devil Hunters like Aki Hayakawa. 

She is also kind and gentle with her teammates. Himeno is sympathetic and compassionate of others despite the fact that she may be harsh with Devils.

Himeno exercised restraint even though she could have easily knocked out the grieving girlfriend of her deceased Devil Hunter partner who slapped her in anger. 

She kept telling Aki not to die throughout the entire series because she couldn’t stop thinking about her other six teammates who passed away. 

She occasionally even goes to their grave.

Does Himeno Love Denji?

Does Himeno Love Aki
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Himeno is still one of the many female characters with whom Denji has a close relationship in the series. 

Denji has always been a ladies’ man. When he first meets Himeno, she offers to kiss him in return for destroying the Devil. 

Then, even if it wasn’t a pleasant kiss, we saw the two actually kissing in episode 7 of the show. 

Then, we visited Denji at Himeno’s house, where we noticed that she was drawn to him and had inquired about having a more sexually explicit relationship with him. 

Even though Denji and Himeno occasionally give the impression of being close, their relationship is usually cordial.

Is This True? Does Himeno Love Aki?

Does Himeno Love Aki
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Himeno was friendly with Aki prior to her selection as a Devil Hunter. But after collaborating with him for a while, Himeno began to adore him. 

She liked Aki because she thought he was average, nice, and cool. Even though Himeno had long since quit the Devil Hunter group, she opted to stick around for Aki’s benefit. 

She kept pleading with Aki to leave the job and do something that didn’t endanger his life.

She knew he would never be able to kill the Gun Devil, but Aki was determined to exact revenge on the Gun Devil.

She prevented Aki from using the Curse Devil power, which would have reduced some of his life expectancies. Himeno too loses her composure as she witnesses Aki being stabbed and breaks down in tears as she fears for his survival. 

Even though Aki was aware of Himeno’s sentiments for him, he never mentioned them. 

But once Himeno passed away, he understood that he had affections for her as well. For a long period after Himeno’s passing, Aki suffered from trauma, and he even went to see her sister, who informed him how much her sister loved him. 

However, Aki eventually suppresses his affection for Himeno and concentrates on his quest to defeat the Gun Devil.

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