Drip Goku’s Powers Will Make You Swoon!! Can He Defeat Zeno?

drip goku

Recently,  the craze of Drip Goku is flooding around the Internet. So, who is this version of Goku? Does he exist in reality or it’s just a fan creation? Read on to know everything  Drip Goku is a being who got the power of Drip/Supreme. This made him stronger than Omnipotence in his base form … Read more

How Many Episodes Are In Dragon Ball Z? 

how many episodes are in dragon ball z

The remaining 325 chapters of the original 519-chapter Dragon Ball manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama are adapted in Dragon Ball Z, the follow-up to the Dragon Ball anime. Dragon Ball Z was shown on Fuji TV in Japan from April 1989 to January 1996. After that, it was shown on TV in … Read more

Is Frieza Good Now? Change Of A Villain Into An Anti-Hero Explained!! 

Is Frieza Good Now

Dragon Ball Super has added a lot of new characters and villains, but one of the most well-known ones, Frieza, has also come back. The Galactic Emperor has been in the series more than once, and surprisingly, he hasn’t always been the bad guy.  Frieza was one of the evilest people in the universe, and … Read more

Gohan Beast Vs MUI Goku – Who Will Win?

gohan beast vs mui goku

Gohan’s transformation into Beast Gohan following his fight with Cell Max while partnered with Orange Piccolo has stunned the viewers.  While on the other hand, the “Ultra Instinct Sign” that Goku now possesses results from his training with Meerus, an Angel in disguise and an Elite Galactic Patrol agent. After Meerus was erased from existence … Read more

Beerus Vs Broly – Who Is Stronger? Can The Legendary Saiyan Beat God Of Destruction 

Beerus vs Broly

Globally, the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was a big hit. After the fight, Goku makes an intriguing revelation that causes fans to go bonkers on social media. We also began to wonder how powerful they are as an individual. As a result, a new matchup—Broly vs Beerus, was created. Matchups we didn’t realize we … Read more

In Which Episode Does Goku Go Ultra Instinct For The First Time?

In Which Episode Does Goku Go Ultra Instinct For The First Time

Something that stunned every Dragon Ball anime viewer is Gooku’s oh-so-popular Ultra Instinct form. But if you are someone who has just read or heard stories about the form and want to witness it at its peak, we are here to tell you in which episode does Goku go ultra instinct for the first time… … Read more

Whis Power Level – Can He Defeat Omni King Zeno? 

Whis Power Level

Believe it or not, Dragon Ball Super Angels are the most mysterious creatures of the franchise. While they are quoted as the most powerful creatures, we don’t know about their original strength.  If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you know that Angels are even stronger than the mighty Gods of Destruction. But how much?  … Read more

Dragon Ball Kakumei All Chapters Explained!!

Dragon Ball Kakumei

Dragon Ball Kakumei With Dragon Ball Super Season 2 knocking at the doors, the fans are pretty much curious to know what its story will unwrap. However, many are anxious about the ending of season 1. They need clarification about whether Dragon Ball Super Season 1 has a happy ending or if the next season … Read more

Gogeta vs Vegito: Who Will Win?

gogeta vs vegito

Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s formal entry of Gogeta into the canon has fans once again dissecting the benefits and downsides of Dragon Ball’s fusion procedures.  A new article in Weekly Shonen Jump has finally provided fans with an official explanation of the two Dragon Ball fusion methods (Fusion Dance and Potara) and the strengths and … Read more

These Dragon Ball Super Manga Strongest Villains Can Defeat Any Character

Dragon Ball Super Manga Strongest Villains

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the few programs to have a global influence, similar to the genuine reasons for its ongoing success, which are the show’s diverse collection of heroes.  Still, critics will claim that the villains are just as important, if not more so. Many of the series’ villains have served as … Read more