Boruto Chapter 76 Spoilers Reddit – Kawaki Gets Shocking Revelation About Momoshiki

In chapter 75 of Boruto, Amado explores Eida and Daemon’s origins and his hidden agenda for reassembling Kawaki’s karma. He also made numerous significant revelations during this time. 

The younger Uzumaki’s vision of the future, which showed Konoha village in disorder and searching for someone who was ostensibly attempting to flee the town, was the main plot twist of the chapter, even though the existence of an Otsutsuki god was unexpected enough.

Boruto chapter 76 spoilers Reddit that were leaked show that the next chapter will continue the expositional theme, raising the stakes for a significant upcoming event.

Boruto Chapter 76 Release Date & Time 

Boruto Chapter 76 Spoilers Reddit
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Most fans outside of Japan will be able to read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 76 on Tuesday, December 20.

The new chapter will be made accessible to read online in English at the following time zones, according to Manga Plus:

  • Pacific Time – 7 AM
  • Eastern Time – 10 AM
  • British Time – 3 PM
  • European Time – 4 PM
  • India Time – 8:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 11 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 1:30 AM

Boruto Chapter 76 Spoilers Reddit 

Boruto Chapter 76 Spoilers Reddit
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Eida is featured on the cover of Boruto chapter 76, subtitled “A Sanctuary for Women.” Boruto chapter 76 spoilers Reddit begin right where chapter 75 left off, with the series’ main character attempting to hold back his astonishment to try to make sense of his vision as an irate Momoshiki watches. 

The younger Uzumaki wonders if the chaos he saw isnected to the Otsutsuki’s terrifying prophecy about his blue eyes stealing everything. The raw scans then depict Kawaki’s response to Amado’s admission and his scheme to revive his daughter Akebi by using the latter’s karma.

Contrary to what many fans had anticipated, Kawaki does not attack the scientist but accuses the Otsutsuki of utilising people as interchangeable vessels for their gain. The new housemates can be seen getting along in Chapter 76 raw scans when they eat together for breakfast the following morning. 

Boruto Chapter 76 Reddit Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 76 Spoilers Reddit
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The younger Uzumaki expresses his perplexity over Eida’s obsession with Kawaki, mainly because he is an Otustsuki and resistant to her allure. 

Sitting on Eida’s bed, Eida, Sarada, and Sumire continue their conversation away from the males; she blushes as soon as Kawaki is mentioned, but Sarada counters that this doesn’t happen to everyone. 

Eida worries that Sarada’s affection for Kawaki is fabricated, but Sarada becomes agitated when Eida inquires about their friendship with Boruto. In the meantime, Boruto and Daemon are engaged in combat in numerous video games; according to Boruto, this is the only way he can degrade Daemon.

Boruto questions whether Momoshiki was correct regarding Eida’s enchantress talent as the chapter closes. However, Kawaki then asks Momoshiki to come out after realizing that the two have been speaking in private.


Some perplexing hints from Boruto chapter 76 spoilers Reddit have been found, and they may indicate what Eida’s love charm is. 

The karma-angry bearer’s demeanor and inability to engage with her beyond what is absolutely necessary cause Eida to appear to have second thoughts about her crush on Kawaki in this chapter.

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