Black Frieza vs Broly – Who Is Stronger Now?

Many new opportunities for Dragon Ball have arisen as a result of the introduction of Frieza’s new Black form in the manga, particularly in terms of the series’ future storylines. 

After dispatching Gas, Goku, and Vegeta in a flash, Frieza is now the strongest mortal in Universe 7. 

But Broly, the strongest Saiyan in Universe 7, and possibly the strongest Saiyan in the multiverse, is the one foe that neither Goku nor Vegeta has been able to beat without combining or even coming near. 

So, who would prevail if Black Frieza and Broly engaged in combat? Here is what will happen in Black Frieza vs Broly match!! 

Who is Broly in Dragon Ball?

Black Frieza vs Broly
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By Shigeyasu Yamauchi, the non-canon character Broly was developed. He features in three movies made in his honor: Bio-Broly (1996), Broly – Second Coming (1994), and Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993). (1994). 

In the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a new Broly with a very different plot has been created by Akira Toriyama. He is one of the few Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe to have survived Vegeta’s destruction by Frieza.

Broly and his powers

Black Frieza vs Broly
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Being the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly from Dragon Ball Z has a unique physique from other Super Saiyans. He has black hair, just like other Saiyans do, and a pretty amazing physique for his height and musculature. 

At this point, Broly is already extremely powerful and immune to Vegeta’s blows. At the level of a Legendary Super Saiyan, his muscles substantially grow, his eyes become white (without pupils), and his hair is straightened into fine golden strands, albeit his aura can tint them. 

His accessories, including his boots, bracelets, belt, necklace, and gold hoops earrings, appear to lengthen as Broly morphs, much like the uniforms Frieza used in his army. 

While Broly is not wearing his tiara, he is a sweet and shy person, which contrasts sharply with the destructive and nasty persona he assumes when transformed. It seems as though the immense power he possessed was luring him into a fit of deadly madness that he was powerless to resist. 

We see that he could already transform into a Super Saiyan as a toddler, though not to the highest level. 

In this condition, he also injured his father. We also noticed that even though he had just woken up, he was speaking respectfully to Paragus before he realized what his father was up to. This was just before his father forcibly put the tiara on him. 

However, once a number of Super Saiyan arise, it is revealed that each Super Saiyan is legendary. 

Therefore, it is a tautology that Broly is shown as the famed Super Saiyan. This is possibly the reason Broly from Dragon Ball Super no longer has this erratic condition.

Who is Frieza in Dragon Ball?

Black Frieza vs Broly
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The primary adversary of the Dragon Ball series is Frieza. He rules over a portion of Universe 7 and commands his own imperialist army. He is a terrible tyrant who incites dread throughout the universe with his great strength. 

He is Kuriza’s father and a descendant of Chilled, King Cold’s youngest son, Cooler’s younger brother, and Chilled. 

He is regarded as Goku’s greatest enemy and arch-nemesis, and ever since their battle on Namek, he has invaded Earth numerous times.

Black Frieza and his powers

In order to reach the Black Frieza state, according to Frieza, he had to find a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on one of his conquered planets and train there for ten years. He also adds that it was a laborious process. 

The Golden Frieza form can’t compare to the form’s power. Due to the amount of time he spent practicing after getting Golden Frieza, he seems to have fully mastered the form and overcome any stamina limitations it may have had by the time he revealed it.

When Frieza first arrived on Planet Cereal during the Granolah the Survivor Saga, he quickly changed into and out of the form to destroy a converted Gas with a single Ruthless Blow. 

Then, after officially revealing the transition into True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta, he instantly knocked out both Saiyans with a blow to their abdomens.

Black Frieza vs Broly

Black Frieza vs Broly
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Due to the excessiveness of the power levels in Dragon Ball, it is not possible to quantify the power because this method was long since abandoned.

However, we can do it through comparison, and in doing so, we’ll be able to gauge Frieza Noir’s might. After ten years of training in another realm, he was so powerful that he quickly defeated Gas, who was regarded as the strongest mortal in Universe 7. 

Frieza’s power level at this point could be absurdly high, much beyond that of the strongest.

The strength of Broly is likewise unfathomable, especially after he was repeatedly struck by Gogeta. Additionally, he may compete with Gogeta, which is an impressive feat. 

Let’s not forget that Gas is already stronger than Broly because of his wish, and Black Frieza is at an even higher level compared to these characters, even if it is true that Broly is highly powerful and is considerably stronger than Goku and Vegeta in their most powerful forms. 

Being a multiplication rather than an addition, Gogeta. Realizing that our current level of combat power is billions of units. So, what exactly does Gogeta’s power consist of? Gogeta is undoubtedly more powerful than Frieza and Broly. In addition, Gas and Granola want to be the strongest beings in the cosmos. 

Black Frieza vs Broly
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So let’s say that Broly unleashed an unprecedented level of power during his battle with Gogeta. And after the combat, he returned to a level that was somewhat similar to what it had been before. 

Good…. Let’s use numbers to put it in perspective. Assume that before his battle with Gogeta, Broly had 1 billion units and then experienced a rage increase, increasing to 15 billion units. 

But after the fight, just like in the Gohan vs. Cell fight, his strength diminished, and we’ll put his estimate at around 1 billion units. 

Given that Broly lacks mastery over this power, it makes sense that the dragon would have only considered the 1 billion units of Broly when granting Granolah and Gas’ wish. 

When we consider this, Black Frieza could start out on top but if he can’t get the job done quickly, he won’t be able to defeat Broly. 

Given everything, Broly ought to be more powerful than Frieza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who is stronger Broly or Black Frieza?

Ans – As of now, Black Frieza seems to be more powerful than Black Frieza. But if we compare, the two characters, Broly has more potential than Frieza. 

Q2) Can Black Frieza beat Jiren?

Ans – Yes, Black Frieza has defeated True Ultra Instinct Goku. So, Jiren will stand no match against Black Frieza. 

Q3) How strong is Black Frieza now? 

Ans – Black Frieza is arguably the strongest in Universe 7 now. 


So, this was a detailed comparison between Broly and Frieza. So, who do you think will win in a Black Frieza vs Broly battle? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting content. 

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