Black Clover Movie New Trailer Reveals Major Characters!! 

Black Clover has been diligently putting the finishing touches on its significant feature film premiere. Moreover, now with Black Clover movie new trailer coming out, the fans get a cool new look at what to expect from Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King! 

It was revealed that the franchise would expand with its debut movie when Yuki Tabata’s original series’ run-on TV anime ended some time ago. 

The anime series for Black Clover will continue with a new film that will tell a brand-new tale. Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, the first new anime release from the series, introduces some significant figures from the Clover Kingdom’s past.

Black Clover Movie New Trailer 

black clover movie new trailer
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Before its March 31 premiere, Black Clover movie’s new trailer and cast details have been revealed. Studio Pierrot did the animation, and Netflix will broadcast the film. 

As new cast members play original roles, Miyuki Sawashiro, Fumiya Takahashi, and Hochu Otsuka will be present. The details were made public at the movie-focused Jump Festa panel. The core cast, including Toshihiko Seki, who is voicing Conrad, was present during the panel. 

An important image from the anime film, which will feature the characters with prominent roles, was previously made public. Ayataka Tanemura is the director, Itsuko Takeda is the character designer, and Minako Seki is the soundtrack composer for Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King. 

One of the scriptwriters listed on the credits is Johnny Onda. Conrad, the former Wizard King, will appear in the narrative, which will be original and edited by Yuki Tabata, the author of Black Clover.

Black Clover Sword of the Wizard King Release Date Netflix

black clover movie new trailer
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On March 31, 2023, a Black Clover series-related movie will be released on Netflix. The title, “Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King,” has already been made public. 

Since it is more of a side narrative, the movie won’t include the central plot. There are not many specifics concerning the story at this time. Currently, Conrad Leto, the former Wizard King, will appear in front of Asta and his companions clutching the “Emperor’s Sword,” which will cause them to engage in combat. 

The inclusion of all the knights from the Clover Kingdom has also been confirmed by the Black Clover movie’s new trailer for Asta and Yuno. Conrad Leto, a former Wizard King, will serve as the movie’s main adversary. New characters will appear in the film, including Princia Funny Bunny, Milly Maxwell, and Edward Aberache. These characters have a slim possibility of ever appearing in the anime’s main story. 

Fans were disappointed by the Black Clover movie new trailer!! 

black clover movie new trailer
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Fans of Black Clover were dissatisfied with the film’s trailer’s short (30-second) length during Jump Festa 2023. Fans were betrayed because the clip was shorter than the previously published teaser, roughly 44 seconds long. 

It makes perfect sense why fans might feel this way. While the teaser trailer was only published two months ago, the movie itself was announced about two years ago. 

This gave supporters hope that Jump Festa 2023 might feature a full-length trailer, but the footage presented there was more appropriate for another teaser due to its shorter duration.

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