Black Clover Manga 344 Spoilers Reveal The Return Of Paladins!! 

This week’s Black Clover manga 344 spoilers confirm several widely held beliefs regarding the Dark Triad and the Paladins. 

All seven Ryuzens are introduced in this episode, but Lucius and his helpers get much of the spotlight. 

Black Clover is returning after taking a two-week emergency break due to health issues. Chapter 344, which will be the norm moving forward, is 15 pages long.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the Black Clover manga chapter 344 spoilers. 

Black Clover Manga Chapter 344 Spoilers 

Black Clover Manga Chapter 344 Spoilers 
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Recently published Black Clover manga 344 spoilers will open with a conversation between Morris and Lucius. Lucius completely cures Morris’ wounds, giving him a new arm and leg, but he doesn’t stop there. 

As he had promised, Lucius has also started to resurrect the Dark Triad’s siblings. Lucius is acting as if he is a god; after all, he has a throne chair with a massive cross and is reviving people. Morris is healed, and Lucius taps him on the forehead, telling him to use science and Modification Magic to make the new world peaceful. 

Morris consents to Lucius’ request after concluding that his Magic is superior to Recovery Magic. He requests that Lily join forces with other Paladins to avert this future. 

Since Lucius is currently immobile, Lily points out that the Paladins are in charge of removing any obstacles in the way of the ideal future.

The reappearance of the Dark Triad has long been a subject of rumor among fans, which increased once Lucius’ identity was made public. 

Many readers proposed that the three dark cocoons were somehow connected to the Dark Triad during Asta’s conflict with Lucifero’s manifestation. That hypothesis appears to have been supported by Black Clover manga 344 spoilers. 

It’s unclear whether Lucius is giving them back their powers or draining them. He seems to be in the middle of a procedure and getting ready for the big showdown.

Black Clover 344 Spoilers 

Black Clover Manga Chapter 344 Spoilers 
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Black Clover chapter 344 marks a crucial turning point because Lucius has brainwashed Morris into becoming his henchman. 

Morris’s unique skill set is unknown to him, although resurrecting his brothers seems like a logical application. The other Paladin, who resembles Rades, has also employed Beast Magic, a technique that had only been used by Vetto before.

Black Clover manga 344 spoilers also introduce each of the seven Ryuzens. This new Ryuzen claims to be the strongest, even if Ichika appears to be in charge of them. 

The leakers’ translation of the narcissistic pronoun “Ore-Sama,” which means “the Almighty Me,” comes from him. The reader will likely witness another confrontation between Asta and Sister Lily sometime soon because Asta’s training is still ongoing.

Black Clover Chapter 344 Release Date 

Black Clover Manga Chapter 344 Spoilers 
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On November 27, 2022, a new chapter of Black Clover is anticipated. Black Clover is available for free official reading on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. 

Of course, the just-released Manga Plus app allows you to read the series. Please try to read the books in order, as doing so helps the author and enables them to write more books.

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