Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw Scans: Biwa Playing Ryuzen Seven Will Be The Trump Card Against Lucius! Here’s How?

Black Clover Chapter 345 spoilers have finally been released. The Paladins and the five Ryuzen members will engage in combat, so things are beginning to pick up speed. 

The damage to the Hino country is inevitable now that the five-headed dragon is free to roam. But now that one of the Ryuzen Seven members has made a crazy first move, we’ll see how firm both sides are. 

Alongside the Ryuzen Seven member, who considers himself the strongest, Asta continues her training. The settings imply that Asta’s only chance of controlling his Zetten and finally conquering his self-doubt may lie with the Ryuzen Members. Let’s get to the spoilers to learn more without further ado.

So, are the Black Clover chapter 345 raw scans out? What do they reveal? Here is all we know. 

Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw Scans 

Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw Scans
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The chapter switches from the previous chapter’s cliffhanger to a flashback of Asta, Ryudo, and Yami. The Ryuzen Seven are ready to fight, as evidenced by Ryudo’s admission that “the enemy” may be in the Hino Country. 

Ryudo declines Asta’s offer to join the fight despite Asta’s declaration. He emphasizes that it would be unwise to enter combat unprepared because Asta is still in training. But that’s all the flashbacks that we witness. 

Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw scans return us to the present, where Asta is engaged in combat with “the strongest of the Ryzen Seven,” with one member tending to their medical needs. To keep Asta and the other members healthy so they may continue practicing for a long time, this other member uses his powers through Biwa.

The Japanese legend of Muramasa and Masamune is an intriguing analogy to illustrate the differences between Asta’s and the Ryuzen Member’s katana/fighting style. 

Masamune uses selective cutting, whereas Murasama cuts anything and everything it pleases. It eliminates evil while protecting the good. Asta is the latter. 

The following panels depict Asta descending into a pit of insecurity. He started to believe that he would have saved Sister Lily if Yuno had been in his place. He questions whether he will ever have the strength to accomplish his objectives or vanquish Lucius. 

At this rate, the Ryzen Member says, Asta’s Zetten will never be finished. The other Ryuzen Member, on the other hand, is now ready to engage the Paladin. 

Within a split second, one of the group members flings herself directly at Lily and slashes her cheek. Here, the Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw scans come to an end.

Black Clover Chapter 345 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw Scans
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Chapter 345 is scheduled to debut on December 5th, 2022. Every Sunday, a new chapter of the manga follows a weekly schedule. 

We’ll soon learn how Ryuzen Seven will aid Asta in gaining more power and their role in the battle against Lucius.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter? 

Black Clover Chapter 345 Raw Scans
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One of the most well-known shounen manga, Black Clover, centers on a conflict between two friends. It comes as no surprise that it falls under Shueisha. Shueisha’s Viz and Mangaplus both offer access to manga for reading. Those without subscriptions can access the three most recent chapters. 

After the current chapter is published, they immediately announce the next chapter’s release. You can keep track of the manga chapters as a result.

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