Black Clover Chapter 344 Raw Scans: The Dark Triad Cocoon Theory Explained

Black Clover chapter 344’s raw scans and spoilers were made public this week, possibly confirming a long-standing fan theory. 

Fans learned that in the issue, Lucius Zogratis had captured the siblings Dante, Zenon, and Vanica and had enclosed them in what appeared to be cocoons created by some magical enchantment.

In Black Clover chapter 344, Moris Libardirt makes an unexpected entrance as Lucius seems to heal himself miraculously using his siblings’ magic. This also confirms a widely held belief, creating an intriguing context for Lucius’ actions throughout the series. 

Dark Triad Cocoon Theory explained that the Dark Triad is alive in light of the fresh material from Black Clover chapter 344.

Black Clover Chapter 344 Spoilers 

Black Clover Chapter 344 Raw Scans
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Morris has returned, but most of his body is missing. Morris either survived the fight in Spade or died and was brought back to life by Lucius, Rades, or both. 

Then Lucius goes on to regrow his amputated limbs and even his sight. So not only can Spirit Magic corrupt someone’s soul and change their memories, but it can also effortlessly repair any physical harm done to them.

Is there anything that Soul Magic can’t currently do? It appears to have no boundaries to its potential, which, if not handled properly, could lead to a slippery slope because it could easily cross the line into the asspull territory.

It’s beginning to resemble Megicula’s Curse Warding Magic, a nebulous ability that can do almost anything. It begs the question of why Lucius even needs the other Paladins when he can perform all their tasks independently. 

Black Clover Chapter 344 Raw Scans – The Dark Triad Cocoon Theory Explained

black clover chapter 344 raw scans
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The Dark Triad Cocoon Theory explained that the Dark Triad is still around. They are not rehabilitated, as he did with Morris, but remain in the same condition as when we last saw them. Is it true that Lucius cannot heal them as he did with Morris? 

Perhaps he is only keeping them on life support to use their magic in his plans rather than returning them as Paladins. They might be dead, and their bodies are just being used because the Spade symbol for their Grimoires appears to be missing. 

black clover chapter 344 raw scans
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Then, we might not witness another fight between them. The fact that he entrusted Beelzebub to Lily rather than to a Paladin named Zenon may serve as additional proof. He would have spared Beelzebub for him if he genuinely intended to bring Zenon back as a Paladin to battle for him unless he can change the devils the Paladins have at will, much like you may change your weapon loadout before a game by doing so.

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