Best Naruto Moments: Best Scenes In Naruto That Fans Will Never Get Over

How is it going, Naruto Fandom? Naruto has been quite the hot topic in the world of anime shows. Although it has been well over five years since the last episode of Naruto was aired, the anime still remains popular and loved among all anime fans, be it old or new. Known for its great storytelling and hearty plot, Naruto is mostly known for its good influence on young audiences.

Naruto is a Japanese shonen animated TV series that first began airing in 1999. It has been more than two decades since then, but till this day Naruto remains one of the most talked about and popular series ever. Written and illustrated by the famous manga artist Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is the favorite anime series for many, and that too for many reasons. 

Since Naruto is an anime that navigates through the growth of Naruto Uzumaki and explores the life lessons he learns throughout each of his adventures, the show is very different from any other Anime series. 

The show Naruto has a number of really great scenes that have proved how great the show really is. In both the original Naruto series and the sequel Naruto Shippuden, there are plenty of scenes that have captured the hearts of its viewers. 

Among them all, today we have created a collection of the best Naruto moments which you will definitely want to revisit again once you are done watching the show. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Naruto moments, shall we?

Best Naruto Moments: Scenes From Both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Which Will Forever Remain Iconic

Best Naruto Moments

  • Obito’s Evil Turn 

Obito’s transformation into one of the most evil villains of the Naruto series is one very memorable and significant storyline of the show. Once the innocent boy who took the oath of protecting his village against unnecessary wars and dreamt of becoming the Hokage, Obito was quite the lovable character of the show. Which is why when Obito changed to become a cold-hearted evil it came off as a huge shock for the fans. However, the reason behind this change in Obito’s personality is really heartbreaking. Under the training of Minato Namikaze, Obito, Rin and Kakashi were the fellow classmates who were the closest to each other. But their peaceful life changed when Rin was abducted by Madara Uchiha. 

While trying to save Rin and escape together from Madara, a huge rock fell on Obito and almost took his life. Almost about to pass away, Obito gave Kakashi one of his Sharingan eyes and wanted him to protect Rin at all cost. However, at this point, Madara decides to place the seal on Rin’s heart and in a turn of events, Rin jumps in between Kakashi’s chidori and unfortunately passes away. However, since Obito witnessed the whole thing and mistook for Kakashi to be the reason for Rin’s demise, Obito turned into a vicious villain and took it upon himself to destroy Konoha. 

  • Lee Vs Gaara

Best Naruto Moments

Rock Lee is a character in Naruto who is often associated as the “comic relief” character for his rather hilarious outfit and behavior in the show. With a very fun personality and comedic actions, Rock Lee is the perfect comic relief character for any show. However, all of these speculations about Lee came to an end when he showed his true potential in the fight against Gaara. As we all know, Rock Lee is a ninja who is incapable of performing any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, and can only engage in hand-to-hand combat. 

But since Gaara is a ninja with immense Chakra power and almost invincible until that point, it was a terrifying match for Lee. But even after this, Lee did not back away for a second and tried his very best to defeat Gaara with his own powers. When Lee was permitted to take off his leg weight, that moment was certainly a great addition to the best Naruto moments ever – with the way the weight fell down and the way the characters reacted to it – it was truly a great moment. Although at the end of the fight both Gaara and Lee were left powerless, this was certainly one of the best Naruto moments ever. 

  • Neji Vs Naruto

Neji and Naruto are two characters of the show who have an open rivalry with each other. Neji thought that Naruto as a failure and that he can never succeed, and Naruto was angry with Neji because of his harsh treatment of Hinata. This rivalry leads to an intense battle with Naruto ultimately having to draw the Nine-Tails chakra. Naruto’s clever technique of confusing Neji with an unresponsive clone of himself and sneakily attacking Neji from underground is albeit one of the first times where we saw how clever and powerful Naruto truly is. At the end, Naruto wins the battle and proves to Neji that Naruto is far from being a failure. 

  • Naruto’s Link With Kurama

Best Naruto Moments

A fan favorite moment, if you will. We all know how much Naruto has to go through for having Kurama or the Nine-Tails being sealed into him. Naruto spent his entire life trying to gain control over this ferocious beast that lives inside him. This is why the moment when Naruto finally became friends with Kurama holds a very special memory for the fans of the show. During the fourth Ninja war, Naruto, with utter determination, expressed his pure intentions for the war to Nine-Tails. 

That is when Naruto realized that Kurama is not just a mindless beast, and he also has a mind of his own. After being through many rough spots, Naruto and Kurama finally managed to form an alliance in the fourth Ninja war and developed their relationship better. 

  • The Grand Fight Of Kaguya vs Team 7

Kaguya is the most terrifyingly powerful character in the whole Naruto series. Some may even say that Kaguya is stronger than Naruto’s strongest form. So naturally, when all of the team 7 and Kaguya were to have a face-off, it was guaranteed to be one of the greatest addition to the best Naruto moments. 

After Kaguya was revived by Madara, she became a Ten-Tail Jinchuriki. But with Naruto and Sasuke having gained the Six Paths, Team 7 finally got the desperately needed opening after hours of effort. With the combined efforts of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi, Team 7 finally managed to seal off Kaguya. This is a moment that will definitely be one of the memorable ones of the best Naruto moments.

  • Naruto meets Kushina 

An overwhelmingly emotional moment in the whole Naruto series, in the fourth Ninja war when Naruto came to see Kushina for the first time is certainly one of the most golden scenes of the series. During the fourth Ninja war, Naruto desperately needed to take control of the Nine-Tails within him, but it was a very very hard thing to achieve. As Naruto desperately concentrates on it, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto’s mother, tries and successfully takes control of Naruto’s body. During that moment, Naruto at first mistakes her for another form of Nine-Tails. But really quickly he recognises her and falls into her embrace. She lovingly tells Naruto the stories of how Minato and she met and how they fell in love, and told him everything about the night of his birth. 

Kushina, being the loving mother she is, filled Naruto with love and blessings and told him how she believes in him. With such beautiful positivity from his mother, Naruto finally gains the power to conquer Kurama and gain control of Kurama’s chakra. This moment is certainly one of the most beautiful moments of Naruto and is one of the very best moments of Naruto altogether. 

  • Naruto’s Goodbye to his Father Minato

Best Naruto Moments
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Although it was said that Naruto was never intended to meet his parents, things changed when the creator of the show Kishimoto himself became a father. The scene when Naruto comes face to face with his father Minato Namikaze is very sentimental. In episode 168 of Naruto Shippuden, Kurama convinces Naruto to remove the seal as Naruto battles against Pain. 

When Naruto almost actually removes the seal, Minato Namikaze appears in front of Naruto and stops him. Never knowing Minato, the fourth Hokage being Naruto’s own father, Naruto expresses genuine shock when Minato calls him by his name. Naruto asks Minato how he would know his name, and then Minato says that he had to give his son a name. Minato rebuilds the seal for Naruto and blesses him. This moment is undoubtedly one of the most emotional and sentimental moments of the show and many fans find it to be their favourite moment among the best Naruto moments ever. 

  • The Appearance Of Dual Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi

Kakashi Hatakare is one of the many loved characters of Naruto ever. The character shows amazing prowess and is known for being a great leader for the Team 7. One of the best Naruto moments including Kakashi was when Kakashi gained the Dual Mangekyou Sharingan, or DMS. The DMS was a power Kakashi inherited from his friend Obito. Kakashi’s DMS was known as the double Kamui. With the help of this double Kamui, Kakashi could create the most powerful and perfect susanoos ever. Seeing Kakashi utilising his friend Obito’s abilities in a battle is not only iconic but also somewhat melancholy, as it signifies the strong relationship that Kakashi and Obito once shared. 

  • Naruto and Sasuke’s Final Valley Fight

Naruto and Sasuke have been the most notorious Shinobi rivals ever in the show. The duo have always been the top most powerful ones in the whole show and both of these ninjas have shown that they are invincible. But in the Final Valley Fight, these two were fighting against each other with very different motives. 

Sasuke, being the vengeful character he is, wanted to take revenge by taking the life of Naruto. However Naruto was only fighting with Sasuke to beat some sense into his mind. Naruto wanted to have Sasuke live as brothers with him, but the vengeful mindset had completely made Sasuke turn against him. Naruto even threatened to break every bone in Sasuke’s body if he did not stop his vengeful ways. Ultimately, Sasuke had to admit defeat and returned home with Naruto. 

  • Jiraiya’s Demise

Best Naruto Moments

Unarguably, one of the saddest scenes of Naruto ever. In fact, most facts would even say that this is the saddest part of the series ever. Jiraiya, otherwise known as the Toad Sage or the Pervy Sage for his comedic peeping tom traits, was a very loved character of the show. As much as he was a great teacher, he was also a father figure for young Naruto. Jiraiya was an extremely accomplished Ninja and possessed abilities that made him one of the best fighters ever. 

However, unfortunately, the life of Jiraiya was cut short when he went to the Amegakure village to investigate the whereabouts of Pain. Upon arriving, he finds out that the leader of Amegakure is no one else than Nagato, his former student himself. In the battle against Nagato, he decides to unlock the Pain Chakra on Jiraiya which completely overpowered even someone like Jiraiya. 

As he was moments away from his demise, he wrote the identity of Pain on his toad friend Fukasaku’s back to help Naruto get the clues. Jiraiya’s demise was incredibly heartbreaking, and very emotional addition to the list of best Naruto moments. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What episode did Team 7 fight Kaguya?

In episode 459 of Naruto Shippuden, Team 7 battles against Kaguya.

  • In which episode does Naruto meet Kushina?

In episode  246 of Naruto Shippuden. In this episode, Naruto meets Kushina Uzumaki, who he thinks is a form of the Nine-tails. However, he realises that it was his mother, and embraces her.

  • In which episode did Naruto say Goodbye to Minato?

In episode 474 of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto bids fairwell to his dad, Minato.

  • What jutsu can Rock Lee do?

Although Rock Lee cannot perform Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, he is very skilled at Taijutsu.

  • Who was responsible for Rin’s demise?

Madara Uchiha was the main reason why Rin passed away.

  • Who revived Kaguya?

During the fourth Ninja war, Madara revived Kaguya.

  • In which episode does Naruto and Kurama become friends?

In episode 321 of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto and Kurama come to an alliance. 


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