9 Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes Every Anime Fan Must Watch 

Jujutsu Kaisen is the most talked about anime series of the 2020s. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the fans and most anime enthusiasts are absolutely obsessed with the series. We’d say, the obsession is only natural – because we agree on the statement that Jujutsu Kaisen is an action-packed anime that is the perfect anime series for any kind of anime fan.

On the online film database platform IMDb, Jujutsu Kaisen has an 8.6/10 rating, which is, needless to say, an impressive score indeed. So with Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen coming in 2023, let’s take a look at some of the Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes that have the highest ratings on IMDb!

9 Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes You Must Watch

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes
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  • The Origin of Blind Obedience 2 (Ep. 23) – 9.2

The second to last episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen series, The Origin Of Blind Obedience, is a fan favorite episode for more reasons than one. In this episode, the first-year students of Jujutsu High were seen battling on their own once again. But unlike all the other times, this time they went further in terms of their powers than ever before. The stars of the show in this episode included Megumi, who despite being separated from the team shows his true powers with his newfound motivation, Yuji and Nobara’s dual attack against the Cursed Womb’s spirits, and more. Definitely, this episode deserves to be on this list of Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes. 

  • Assault (Ep. 7) – 9.4

Gojo has been the main trainer of Yuji, who was assumed to have passed away. But in this episode, we get to see Gojo’s true powers in full bloom. With the much anticipated showcasing of Gojo’s impressive and spectacular powers, fans have greatly enjoyed this episode. His powers even shocked Yuji, who was brought along to the battle at the midpoint. Totally, this episode is one of the most epic ones on this list. 

  • Tomorrow (Ep. 13) – 9.4

If you have watched Jujutsu Kaisen, then you must be familiar with the cursed spirit Mahito. Yuji Itadori and Kento Nanami are the ones who are primarily dealing with this bothersome cursed spirit which has been a headache for everyone. 

However, the stakes throughout this battle between Nanami-Yuji and Mahito continue to rise. Mahito’s extensive powers stun everyone and give the duo an incredibly hard time. However, this is also a very emotional one, as in the aftermath of this altercation he reckons life and death. 

  • To You, Someday (Ep. 12) – 9.5

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes
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Halfway through the season, we get another amazing episode where we see Yuji’s loyalty toward his friends. When Yuji’s friend Junpei was manipulated by Mahito, Yuji had to fight against Mahito against his will. This takes a huge emotional toll on Yuji, solely because of the tragic end of Junpei. Definitely one of the saddest episodes of this list, fans see this as one of the best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes due to the sadness and emotion that it captures so beautifully. 

  • Black Flash (Ep. 19) – 9.5

In Black Flash, we get to see the special grade curse Hanami return and attack Jujutsu High and the sister school. We get an epic collaborative battle between Jujutsu High and the sister school against Hanami, and it totally is mind-blowing. Yuji’s tireless training finally pays off, as we can see in his impressive skills in the battle. And the most epic part? Yuji mastering the Black Flash. His great achievement of mastering the Black Flash proved to be a great disadvantage against Hanami, thus making this episode one of the Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes ever. 

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes
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  • Nonstandard (Ep. 20) – 9.7

Rated a staggering 9.7 on IMDb, Nonstandard is number one among the best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes on our list. For anyone who hasn’t seen Gojo in his prime, this episode will surely shock and surprise anyone when Gojo finally enters the battlefield and showcases his impressive set of insane powers and abilities. Aside from that, Yuji and Todo are also in their full forms against Hanami, making the episode even more of an entertaining and thrilling experience. Needless to say, Nonstandard is definitely keeping a standard for the best Jujutsu Kaisen Episode ever!

  • Accomplices (Season 1, Episode 24)

When it comes to the best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes, how can we miss the accomplices? This episode reveals the glorious battle between the Cursed Wombs: Death Paintings, Eso, and Kechizu against Itadori and Kugisaki. 

Pushed into the corner, Kugisaki hammers a nail into herself to ignite Resonance and kick start a game of chicken. While on the other hand, Itadori refuses to settle down, and he keeps on attacking Kechizu. So, if you want to enjoy jaw-dropping action, we will advise you to see this episode. 

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes
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  • Sage (Season 1, Episode 18)

With the kick start of the first day of the Exchange event, battles are starting in different locations. Fushiguro faces off Kamo, the authority of one of the major clans. 

While the battles turn intense, Kamo utilizes his blood manipulation technique that controls his own blood, while on the other hand, Fushiguro battles him with his martial arts and shikigami techniques. This is one of the most intense and captivating Jujutsu Kaisen episodes. 

  • Idle Transfiguration 

Hunting for the best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes? You can’t miss this one!! Itadori is the incharge of investigating Yoshino. So, he weaves a plan with his assistant supervisor, Ijichi. So, what’s his plan, and will they succeed in their mission? Watch the episode now to know… 


If you’ve read this far, then we hope you enjoyed your stay! Thank you so much for visiting our website and checking out our article on Best Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes. Which one among these episodes is your favorite? Let us know about your thoughts on Jujutsu Kaisen Episodes in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Is Jujutsu Kaisen a good series?

Ans – Jujutsu Kaisen is a masterpiece from 2020. For any anime lover, it’s a must-watch!! 

Q2) Who is the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen character?

Ans – Some of the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters are – Yuji Itadori, Satoru Gojo, Toge Inumaki, Megumi Fushiguro and more. 

Q3) Who is Yuji Itadori dad? 

Ans – Jin is Yuji Itadori’s dad. 

Q4) Is Sukuna stronger than Gojo?

Ans – Yes, no doubt Sukuna is stronger than Gojo… 

Q5) Which are the best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes?

Ans – Some of the titles of the best Jujutsu Kaisen episodes are as follows – 

  • The Origin of Blind Obedience 2
  • To You, Someday 
  • Idle Transfiguration 
  • Accomplices 
  • Black Flash

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