Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes: You Can’t Miss These If You Are A True Fan!!

When it comes to epic face-off battles and super powerful characters, Dragon Ball Z is the name that first comes to every anime fan’s mind. 

Dragon Ball Z is a show that is filled with iconic moments and scenes that stayed with the fans. The second series in the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Z is probably the one that is the most popular among all. 

This series follows the adventures of Goku after he finds out that he’s, in fact, a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta. 

As we mentioned before, Dragon Ball Z is full of adventurous and emotional moments that make the show even more enjoyable. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Dragon Ball Z Episodes!

Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes
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Dragon Ball Z has a rating of 8.8 out of 10 stars on IMDb. Needless to say, the fans have showered endless love on this series. 

So here in our list of Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes, we will discuss the top 6 highest-rated Dragon Ball Z Episodes on IMDb!

  • Episode 96: Explosion Of Anger (IMDb Rating 8.2)

best Dragon Ball Z Episodes Explosion Of Anger
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Goku Vs Frieza has been a very interesting and thrilling rivalry of the Dragon Ball Z Series. In this episode, we get to see the epic battle between Goku and Frieza after we saw Goku’s amazing transformation to his Super Saiyan form. 

We knew things were going to be extreme when Goku tells Gohan to find Piccolo and Bulma and leave the planet. As Frieza tries to intervene Gohan and the others, Goku teaches him the lesson of his life, as he uses his newly found Super Saiyan strength to knock him out. A truly epic episode indeed!

  • Episode 71: Goku Is Ginyu And Ginyu Is Goku (IMDb Rating 8.2)

In this episode we see the Grand Elder Namekian having a hard time fighting against Frieza. With his telekinetic powers, the Grand Elder Namekian informs Nail of his situation and that they need to make more time for Gohan and Krillin to finally find the Dragon Balls. 

Nail, trying to help, distracts Frieza to buy the Grand Elder Namekian some time. On the other hand, when Captain Ginyu finds himself to be inferior to Goku’s powers, he stabs and injures himself and switches bodies with Goku. The episode bears a sense of terror as we see Ginyu exchange bodies with Goku and Goku, trapped in Ginyu’s body, struggles to catch up with him. 

  • The Ultimate Battle (IMDb Rating 7.9)

We are long aware of the fiery rival of Goku, Vegeta. But in this episode it was a painful moment to see Vegeta get absolutely beat down by Frieza. However, Goku soon arrives to the rescue, and Frieza immediately recognises Goku to be the son of Bardock, who was the last Saiyan to have a fight with him. 

At this moment, Vegeta proceeds to mock Frieza for being afraid of Goku. But Frieza, in a moment of sheer anger, blasts Vegeta through his chest. As Vegeta lays on the verge of death, he tells Goku to show no mercy to Frieza. 

  • Episode 66: Goku’s New Power

best Dragon Ball Z Episodes goku new power
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When Goku arrives at Namek, he finds Krillin and Gohan in a horrifying state. He gives Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta the senzu bean upon hearing that Vegeta is the only reason why the others made it alive. 

Meanwhile, Recoome makes the mistake of thinking Goku is less powerful than him. But when Goku sends Recoome flying with only one stroke of his elbow to his stomach, his reaction is priceless! 

  • Episode 237: Final Atonement (IMDb Rating 8.7)

In this episode, we see Trunks attack Majin Buu, to buy some time for Vegeta. At the same time, Piccolo blows a fatal hit on Babadi as he slices him in half. 

What makes this episode the best among the best episodes of Dragon Ball Z is Vegeta’s major character development. 

He is known to be the one who is passionate about being the strongest in the universe, but here we see him sacrificing himself for the sake of his loved ones. Telling Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo to stay away, Vegeta combusts in an epic explosion, essentially sacrificing his own life to save everyone else.

  • Episode 12 – End Of Vegeta 

best Dragon Ball Z Episodes end
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 Dragon Ball Z season 3 episode 12 features Goku entering the battlegrounds. He is powerful as hell and ready to take over Frieza alone. It seems Goku might turn Super Saiyan as he deflects Frieza’s incredible attacks within a blink. 

However, Vegeta taunts Frieza and bears his rage. The tyrant turns Frieza on his knees with a single blow. While Frieza moves on to wipe off Vegeta, the Prince reveals to Goku what the tyrant has done to the people and his life. Goku assembles all his rage. So, can he defeat Frieza?

  • Episode 10 – Vegeta’s Pride 

Dragon Ball Z is no doubt loaded with super-entertaining episodes. When it comes to the best Dragon Ball Z episodes, this one surely is at the top. Coming from Season 8, Majin Buu Saga, episode 10 features Majin Vegeta. 

Vegeta aka Majin Vegeta warns Goku to bear his new powers or see the annihilation of innocent lives. Goku steps into the battlegrounds and we get to see one of the most iconic fights till date. 


If we’re discussing the best Dragon Ball Z episodes, then these episodes will surely be imprinted on your heart for a long time. 

Be sure to check these episodes out and don’t forget to comment down your favorite Dragon Ball Z Episodes in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What are the most important episodes in Dragon Ball Z?

Ans – Some of the most important Dragon Ball Z episodes are as follows – 

  • “The Victor” Has Goku Defeat Piccolo Jr & Save The Planet.
  • “Eternal Dragon Resurrected” Introduces Kami & Explains Goku’s Last Mission.
  • “Final Showdown” Finishes Goku’s Fight Against King Piccolo. …
  • “Enter King Piccolo” Introduces King Piccolo. …

Q2) Who is the best Dragon Ball Z character?

Ans – Some of the most loved Dragon Ball Z characters are – Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza and more. 

Q3) Which Dragon Ball series has the most episodes?

Ans – Dragon Ball has 153 episodes shown, while the succeeding Dragonball Z had 291 in total. Dragonball GT had 64 episodes aired, and Dragonball Super had 131 episodes.

Q4) What is the best season of Dragon Ball Z?

Ans Some of the most popular Dragon Ball Z sagas are –  

  • Cell Games Saga.
  • Saiyan Saga. …
  • Frieza Saga. …
  • Trunks Saga. …
  • Imperfect Cell Saga. …

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