Beerus vs Saitama – Who Is Stronger?

When it comes to the most powerful entities in the anime world, two names that hit the top of the chart are – Saitama and Beerus. The fans carry a heated debate on who is the most powerful among the two. So, who will win in a Saitama vs Beerus battle? 

Saitama has the strength to knock out many of his opponents with only one punch. 

Although Saitama may be unbeatable in his anime, there are many powerful characters in the world of anime, hence Saitama may need to use more than one punch to overcome these foes.

One such character that is heavily debated to be a strong competitor for Saitama is Beerus.

Further in the article, we have given detailed information about Beerus and Saitama and which one is more powerful.

Who is Beerus in Dragon Ball Z?

Beerus vs Saitama
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Beerus is the seventh universe’s God of Destruction. His martial arts instructor and companion, Whis, is with him. Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, is Beerus’ identical twin. 

In the God of Destruction Beerus Saga and the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie, Beerus serves as the major antagonist, but in the following sagas, he is reduced to a supporting role.

How Strong is Beerus?

There is a God of Destruction in each Dragon Ball series. The eighth God of Destruction in the cosmos is named Beerus. 

He decimates the world and all life on it with his strength. He can instantly annihilate the solar system. For many fans of the series, this talent has piqued their interest. 

Beerus’ vigor is how much? Beerus engaging in combat. He restrained his power, but he still outclassed Goku in combat. By way of a light neck jab, he was rendered unconscious. He is in charge of preserving the universe’s equilibrium because he is a God of Destruction.

Is Beerus a deity or a human with divine potential? 

Beerus vs Saitama
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Beerus earned his position as a destroyer; he was not born a god. Having demonstrated his strength, he was given the authority to end the universe. 

Originally a manga character, Beerus. He was the one who used the Z Sword to seal Old Kai. He is with Whis, his instructor in martial arts. Beerus was first envisioned by the playwright as a villain who harmed people. Later, he was given a supporting part in the succeeding sagas. 

He behaves similarly to other cats and enjoys extended periods of sleep. When he first wakes up, he is typically in a terrible attitude, but as he gets older, he becomes more awake and less touchy. He takes pleasure in controlling the wants of other cats and dominating them.

How Strong is Beerus at Full Power?

Beerus has a power of about three billion at 100%. He seemed strong, but if he had more strength than Vegeta and Goku put together, that raised some questions. He did, however, vanquish Goku with all of his strength, demonstrating the strength of the God of Destruction. 

The God of Destruction is Beerus. One of the most dreadful deities in all of creation is Beerus. Shenron, Frieza, Supreme Kais, Vegeta and Vegeta, King Vegeta and King Cold, as well as Vegeta and Vegeta, dread Beerus. 

The God of Destruction, from the final chapter of Dragon Ball Super, was the second-strongest fighter in the universe. He is a strong fighter that can easily destroy significant planets.

Who is Saitama in One Punch Man?

Beerus vs Saitama

Saitama, commonly known as Caped Baldy, is the main character and most powerful character in the webcomic, manga, and anime series One Punch-Man. 

Saitama is experiencing an existential crisis because he has trained himself so hard that he unintentionally broke the natural limiter that keeps living things from becoming superhuman. As a result, he is now too powerful to experience any thrill from his bravery.

How strong is Saitama?

Saitama is the series’s toughest, fastest, and most resilient character. He hasn’t yet been hurt in any way, and hardly any foes have been able to withstand even a single punch from him. 

The man is so powerful that with only one punch, he could shatter an asteroid that was moving. Saitama has only expended 1% of his strength thus far, which is ridiculous. A few of his adversaries have withstood his fists, including Boros, who Saitama felt sorry for and refrained from punching to give him and Boros a satisfying and interesting fight. 

His power exceeds even artificial beings created or raised for superhuman warfare, like mechanical beings or the mutated fighters from the House of Evolution, by a huge margin.

Beerus vs Saitama
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How does Saitama become so strong?

Saitama claimed that he had attained some sort of superhuman power after performing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats each day in addition to 10 kilometers of running each day. 

Saitama maintains that this training was so strenuous that at times he thought he could pass out and that this is what ultimately led to the unexpected loss of all of his hair. 

He reportedly continued his preparation for another 1.5 years before starting his hero career. While Dr Genus thinks Saitama worked out with that training programme so hard that he had entirely erased his natural limiter, Genos thinks Saitama doesn’t know or comprehend how he obtained his power and hopes to uncover the secret by sparring with and watching him.

Beerus Vs Saitama 

Beerus vs Saitama
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Saitama can deal and take harm that he has no business dealing and taking, which is why his power is characterized as “defying common reason.” 

He is not an alien with solar power like Superman, nor is he a ki-user like Goku, nor is he a stand-user like Giorno Giovanna. 

He just is; he has no real cause to be that powerful. That’s the punchline.

Beerus does have a set upper limit to how strong he can be, but it has never been clearly defined either way. Since Freeza was able to withstand some of Sidra’s ki and Vegeta defeated Toppo, it is unclear exactly how effective destruction-ki is. 

However, a small amount of it was sufficient to counter an attack that could destroy a planet.

Saitama, in my opinion, would defeat Beerus simply because the latter is an absurd character that consistently triumphs. He should similarly no-sell Beerus’ Hakai assault if he can withstand an attack that “vaporizes even the bones of regular organisms” despite having no real cause to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is Beerus the strongest in Dragon Ball?

Ans – Though Beerus is incredibly strong and is more powerful than most of the Dragon Ball characters, he is not the strongest. As known, Zeno is the strongest in the Dragon Ball universe. 

Q2) Is Saitama the strongest anime character?

Ans – Though Saitama is stronger than a bunch of anime characters, he is not the strongest. 

Q3) Who is stronger between Beerus and Saitama?

Ans – There is no question that Beerus is the strongest of the two. 


So, this was a detailed comparison between Beerus and Saitama. Now you know who is the most powerful and who will win a fight – Beerus vs Saitama. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting articles like this. 

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