Beerus Vs Broly – Who Is Stronger? Can The Legendary Saiyan Beat God Of Destruction 

Globally, the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie was a big hit. After the fight, Goku makes an intriguing revelation that causes fans to go bonkers on social media. We also began to wonder how powerful they are as an individual. As a result, a new matchup—Broly vs Beerus, was created. Matchups we didn’t realize we needed were consistently delivered by the Dragon Ball series! Such as Goku vs. Beerus, Goku Black vs. Gogeta, and numerous others! Despite all of the fantastic matchups, there is one matchup that we would like to see but can’t because of continuity and other factors. This matchup is Beerus vs Broly. 

Who is Beerus?

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The identical twin of Champa and the God of Destruction in Universe 7 is named Beerus. Late in the series, he played an antagonist but switched to a supporting role. He looks and acts like a cat. Beerus usually falls asleep, and if someone disturbs him while sleeping, he gets angry. Like a cat, he may also be petty when punished or denied his desires. 

To get what he wants, he constantly threatens the Earth, and because fear works, it succeeds. The God easily defeated the Prince of Saiyans Vegeta, and even in Saiyan God Form (Dragon Ball Super, Episode 8), Goku was no match for Beerus (Dragon Ball Super, Episode 5), easing Beerus’ concerns that someone would be more potent than him. 

Who is Broly? 

Beerus vs Broly
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The Legendary Super Saiyan is named Broly. From the time he was born, he showed so much promise. In terms of power and records, he was even more potent than Prince Vegeta. Although King Vegeta banished him to safeguard their world and the cosmos, the main reason for this was his apprehension about Broly’s innate might. 

Broly quickly gained popularity among fans due to a single line Goku says in the films Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the Light Novel. He is possibly more powerful than Beerus. Even if it is now officially canon in the Dragon Ball Universe, there will be no Beerus vs Broly matchup anytime soon.

Beerus vs Broly – Abilities

Beerus vs Broly
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When it comes to Broly vs Beerus, a number of things need to be compared. The first is their inherent strength. Now, no matter which version of the character you look at, Broly has shown that even in his basic form, he is mighty. 

Despite his intimidating appearance, he was a great fighter who could compete with Son Goku and the other main characters. But compared to Beerus, he doesn’t have superhuman strength. As a God of Destruction, Beerus can destroy entire planets. Since most of his opponents are visibly weaker than he is, he rarely employs all of his abilities because he doesn’t have to. Beerus undoubtedly wins the prize for power.

Regarding their skills, Broly has shown a vast range of diverse talents, some of which are canon and others not. However, as a Super Saiyan, his abilities are constrained to those of other Super Saiyans, and despite his great strength, Broly cannot overcome these restrictions. 

On the other hand, Beerus has the power to obliterate everything. Because he is God, his ultimate technique makes it possible to destroy everything, even souls. Beerus rarely needs to use all his skills, so we never see him use his shattering skills. As a result of the risk involved with Beerus unleashing his full power, most of what we know about his skills comes through stories. He can control space and time because he is a deity, which is something Broly could never hope to do. Since Beerus also wins these points, the winner of this contest is also apparent.

Comparing their personalities is challenging because one (Broly) is a Super Saiyan while the other (Beerus) is a god. Now that we know more about Broly, he has two very different sides to him, one peaceful (with the tiara) and the other destructive. His inability to manage his emotions and conduct frequently results in him acting out of control and endangering everyone and everything around him. 

He appears to have a mental disease, yet it is questionable whether conventional ideas of mental illness can apply to him. On the other hand, Beerus consistently exhibits cat-like behavior. He isn’t bad; he usually exhibits complete neutrality; nonetheless, he occasionally exhibits a frightening demeanor. He is violent and somewhat immature, so you need to be careful how you approach him. He has mood swings very frequently, although never as frequently as Broly. 

Even though Beerus should be the one to destroy Earth, he enabled Goku to travel back in time to save it, demonstrating his seeming concern for others despite his egotism. Overall, Beerus is multifaceted, although he consistently acts the same way.

Due to this, Beerus also takes this one. Unpredictability is a benefit for Broly, but not when facing Beerus. Beerus is very calm and intelligent, giving him an advantage over Broly, a raving madman.

Broly vs Beerus – Who would prevail if Broly faced Beerus?

Beerus vs Broly
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It’s now interesting to watch this conflict. In his final state, Broly undoubtedly appears powerful and even menacing. His size, strength, and power are all impressive. If you only looked at him, you could believe that he is practically unbeatable. But he has shown himself in the stories and not only acts the part well but also looks the part. 

Beerus, on the other hand, is a thin, anthropomorphic cat. Even his brother Champa appears more frightening in comparison. But Beerus is, without a doubt, one of the essential characters in the whole series. Without barely attempting, he managed to overcome Super Saiyan God Goku. Now that we’ve compared their abilities, it’s clear that Broly and Beerus both possess tremendous, planet-shattering abilities. They are excellent fighters and have incredible speed and reflexes. 

And who would triumph in Beerus vs Broly? Beerus won this bout. The man may appear to be a complete wimp, but appearances may be misleading. While Broly may be a Legendary Super Saiyan, Beerus is an actual deity, and his power levels are superior to Broly’s in every way. He is solid. Broly wouldn’t fall so quickly. Thus Beerus would still need to give it his all.


Such a great fighter, Broly. When it comes to raw strength, Broly can bring a God of Destruction to his knees. However, the Hakai is the factor that modifies this outcome. The power of Hakai is heavily emphasized in the Granola arc. Broly’s Ki-based attacks will be rendered worthless by Beerus’ Hakai, potentially killing him. 

In retrospect, if everything else fails, Beerus may seal him up for millennia using his sealing method. In other words, if a fight to the death between Beerus vs Broly occurs, Beerus will emerge as the winner. Take notice, though, of Broly’s immense potential and hidden skills.

Within two to three hours, his adaptive abilities brought him from being “weaker than Base Vegeta” to “on par with a Super Saiyan Blue.” For Goku and Vegeta to reach this level, years of training were required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is Beerus more powerful than Broly?

Ans – Broly is often thought to be a more powerful Saiyan, however, he is not as stronger as Beerus, at least at the current level.

Q2) Who can beat Broly?

Ans – Many characters like Zeno, Whis, and more can defeat Broly within a blink of an eye.

Q3) Is Broly or Jiren stronger?

Ans – Broly was defeated by Vegito. However, witnessing the immense power of Jiren, it is clear that Vegito cannot defeat him. So, if we consider the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie’s Broly, he is far from having a chance against Jiren.

Q3) What is Broly weakness?

Ans – Broly’s psychotic attitude and rage can be a big weakness for Broly.

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