Ash Ketchum Is Leaving Pokemon Anime In 2023!! Here’s Why?

The Pokémon Company announced on Friday that it would air the long-running series’ eleven final episodes before starting a new one, which will wrap up Ash and Pikachu’s adventure. 

On January 13, the anime’s last arc will start. Riko and Roy will be the main characters in the upcoming Pokemon Anime, set in the Paldea region from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. 

When these episodes air outside of Japan is presently unknown. After 25 seasons, the enduring Pokemon anime series about Pokémon will bid Ash Ketchum and his devoted Pikachu farewell.

The two most recognizable characters have reached the end of their stories in Pokemon anime!! 

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The long-running Pokemon anime series will no longer include Ash Ketchum as its lead character. 

According to The Pokemon Company, Ash’s story will conclude in 2023 with 11 final episodes that will consist of Misty, Brock, and a variety of fan favorites Pokemon. These episodes will give viewers “a glimpse at what the future may hold for the world’s strongest Trainer in this final chapter for Ash and his Pikachu.” 

In the Japanese version of the series, Liko and Roy, two new heroes going off on adventures in the Paldea region, will take Ash’s place as the series’ last character. Liko and Roy will come across a Shiny Rayquaza in the area in addition to the Paldean starter Pokemon Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

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When he defeated Leon in the Pokémon global championship finals a few weeks ago, Ash finally realized his dream of being the finest in history. Ash’s tale was widely believed to end once he accomplished the objective he set out to achieve in the first episode, and that assumption was accurate. 

It’s still not entirely clear what the anime’s future will bring. Riko and Roy could end up becoming the main heroes of this new series, traveling from place to place like Ash, depending on how fans react to them. Alternatively, this can mark the beginning of a period in which a new hero rules over each region. 

In any case, we still have one final opportunity to bid Ash and Pikachu farewell before they permanently disappear from our screens. or at the very least until they suddenly appear in a special due to sagging ratings. 

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In 1997, Ash Ketchum made his anime debut as the main character, traveling the world with Pikachu and seeing every locale from the Pokemon video games. Ash first traveled with Misty and Brock, two gym trainers, but when he ventured to new areas, he began to switch up his traveling partners. 

The bittersweet sense of leaving the security of friends and family to pursue one’s passion served as, in some ways, a significant motif of Ash’s journey. This seems especially appropriate given how steadfast Ash has been in the lives of Pokemon enthusiasts for the past 25 years.

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