7 Anime Powers That Are Really Useless In Real Life!! 

Popular anime, especially those classified as shonen, is built on a foundation of an infinite range of superhuman abilities. Hundreds of different types of powers are available to characters, from alchemy and pyromancy to magic and music and psionics and strength. 

Several commands exist that, at first glance, seem like they would be useful but ultimately don’t add anything to the story because they are either too weak, too violent, or have too many drawbacks to be reliably useful. 

So, if we consider anime powers in real life, which powers are there which are not useful as such?

Anime powers that are too OP in anime but useless in real life

Anime powers
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  • One for all
  • Rui’s Spider-Threads — Demon Slayer
  • Using the Colossal Titan Form, the User Will Destroy Everything in Their Path
  • All For one
  • Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s Zanka No Tachi — Bleach
  • Shota Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk — My Hero Academia
  • Ritsu’s Abominations Are Too Horrific For Practical Use 

You won’t want these Anime powers in real life!!

Prior users are responsible for One For All’s success – My Hero Academia

Anime powers
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One For All is the only Quirk capable of challenging All For One. Stockpiled from the strength and abilities of previous users, it has become associated with comfort for innocent people and terror for those who would do them wrong. 

To be clear, the first person to use One For All anime powers in real life would be completely useless, as they would be at the beginning of the supply. 

Even if they somehow learned Deku’s power, they would risk destroying their bodies without proper training.

Rui’s Spider-Threads — Demon Slayer

Even though Tanjiro attacks him with the unpredictable Hinokami Kagura or Dance of the Fire God, Rui’s Blood Demon Art, based on spiders, is more than enough to beat him and other inexperienced opponents. Only someone of Giyu’s caliber can expose Rui’s weakness to Tanjiro. 

The demon’s Cutting Thread Rotation is shredded to pieces by Giyu’s iconic Eleventh Form: Dead Calm before he is decapitated with a single, fluid slash.

Using the Colossal Titan Form, the User Will Destroy Everything in Their Path – Attack On Titan

Anime powers
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The Colossal Titan is the game’s second-strongest shapeshifter, as its name implies. It was nearly four times the size of its armored and attacking counterparts, standing at ten meters and possessing comparable strength. It’s impossible to prevent a huge explosion from happening when the Colossal Titan goes off. 

That means a regular person trying to use it would wipe out everything in the area. The Colossal has the lowest endurance of any kind, so they can’t even take advantage of a wide- open field.

All For One

The most potent ability in My Hero Academia is All For One’s Quirk. He can take other people’s Quirk and use it himself or give it to others. In this way, he became an almost unstoppable antagonist, ultimately vanquished after nine generations of One For All users.

All For One is a weak power with no utility if it can’t be combined with other Quirks. Like “One for All,” it can only grow stronger with the help of those around it.

Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s Zanka No Tachi — Bleach

Anime powers
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The older man of Bleach has a formidable weapon up his sleeve, a walking stick. Yamamoto’s zanpakuto generates a fire so powerful that even Aizen can’t free himself from the blaze he built around himself. 

Yamamoto’s Bankai is Zanka no Tachi, a fiery power that turns him into an unimaginable force of heat. However, it is so unstable that it can reduce its wielder and the entire world to ash if it is allowed to burn free.

Shota Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk — My Hero Academia

One of the world’s most potent Quirks belongs to Shota Aizawa, aka the Pro Hero Eraser Head. With a steady gaze, he can neutralize his opponent’s Quirk. Aizawa uses Erasure effectively when he prevents Tomura from Decaying an entire city and its inhabitants; however, there are far too many complications, and the anime powers are useless in real life because there are no powers.

Ritsu’s Abominations Are Too Horrific For Practical Use – Fire Force

Anime powers
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Ritsu’s ignition ability was especially dangerous among the White Clad of the Fire Force. She could put together a lot of infernals into a huge tower stronger than the sum of its parts. 

Ritsu could trap a victim inside the aberration’s huge, beating body if the conditions were right. But even someone with her skills would never be able to make her darkest designs come to life because infernals don’t exist in the real world. 

Most people probably wouldn’t want such mindless anarchy, even if her Ignition Ability were incredibly effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) What is the strongest anime power?

Ans – The anime powers to stop time are considered to be the strongest power in real life.

Q2) What is the strongest anime character in history?

Ans – Goku is considered to be the strongest anime character.

Q3) What are the most broken powers?

Ans – Some of the most broken anime powers are –

  • Omnipotence
  • Omniscience
  • Energy manipulation
  • Reality warping
  • Time control

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