9 Best My Hero Academia Characters Every Anime Fan Love!!

In today date, the anime world is loaded with flawless series featuring the most potent characters. However, one anime and manga franchise that has stood out in the endless queue is My Hero Academia. 

One of the series’ strongest points that brings the limelight on the show is unquestionably the cast of My Hero Academia. 

Fans never get bored of the My Hero Academia characters’ relationships with one another or their unpredictable dynamics. The strength of friendship, one of the most common shonen motifs, initially seems to have been abandoned by the programme. 

On closer inspection, however, the aforementioned friendship power has always existed. It’s simply applied in a different way. 

There are many characters in My Hero Academia who stand out because the show mainly depends on its characters to tell its plot. 

Since there are so many amazing characters, the more screen time a character receives, the more probable it is that the audience will like them.

But who are the best My Hero Academia characters? Here is the complete list. 

Best My Hero Academia Characters 

Here is the list of Best My Hero Academia Characters:

1. Shoto Todoroki

Best My Hero Academia Characters 
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Shoto Todoroki is comparable to My Hero Academia’s Sasuke. If Sasuke had received unwavering support from the entire fandom and been a non-edgy teenager. As soon as he entered the scene, Shoto very much took over. 

Additionally, Shoto outperforms Deku and Bakugo in terms of character development by a wide margin. 

The current Todoroki is little comparable to the character he was at the start of the series. The fact that his supporters have grown to love him so much is a significant contributing factor.

2. Katsuki Bakugo 

Due to his treatment of Midoriya, which was nothing short of horrific, Bakugo had effectively seized the title of the worst person on the globe for the longest period. 

But as the show went on, Bakugo—along with the majority of the other characters—proved to be more than just a cliché. 

The guilt he felt over the possibility that All Might lost all of his powers as a result of him and the increasing inferiority complex he had to deal with as Midoriya continued to get stronger all came to a head in a fight with his rival that is widely regarded as one of the best fights on the show.

3. Izuku Midoriya

Best My Hero Academia Characters 
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The main character of My Hero Academia is Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, who strives to be the No. 1 Pro Hero.

Deku’s personality is extremely distinct from that of other shonen protagonists. 

Deku is on the calmer and more intelligent end of the shonen protagonist spectrum, while other characters often go bold and loud. 

Deku had to learn to work harder and smarter than his Quirk-blessed peers because he was initially Quirkless. Deku’s calm demeanor in the face of peril is uncommon among shonen heroes.

4. All Might

All Might is without a doubt one of the most endearing and best My Hero Academia characters in the entire series, and one of the main factors in this is his sense of resolve and perseverance. 

Although his character had previously been established and didn’t really need to be developed all that much, it’s still wonderful to see him get some screen time. 

Additionally, his remarkable victory over All For One in season three demonstrated his willingness and ability to fulfill his role as the Symbol of Peace.

5. Shota Aizawa

Best My Hero Academia Characters 
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A character is definitely going to stand out if they have the same cool appearance as Aizawa, a cool hero name (Eraser Head), and a general low-intensity disposition. 

Having said that, it’s terrible that Aizawa frequently receives low ratings from the community despite the fact that he has repeatedly demonstrated his ability. 

Fans proceed to raise the bar on expectations as they virtually take his abilities for granted. 

One of his closest friends having been transformed into a Nomu is undoubtedly a devastating occurrence for many people, but how Aizawa handles this heartbreaking turn of events elevates him as a character in the eyes of readers.

6. Ochaco Uraraka 

It’s nevertheless enlightening to see Uraraka’s battles on her own and the way she achieves her objectives, despite the fact that she was originally intended to be nothing more than Midoriya’s love interest. 

A notable example of Ochaco’s Quirk’s use of a power type that is uncommon in fiction—gravity—is its potential for becoming overpowering.

She loses some ground in terms of a self-contained character arc, though, because of the fact that her objectives are so closely linked to those of the protagonist, even though she is indispensable to the series’ overall plot.

7. Eijirou Kirishima

Best My Hero Academia Characters 
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Although Kirishima stood out from day one of the series, he never truly exhibited his talent until the Shie Hassaikai Arc. 

Fans enjoy My Hero Academia because nearly every character that gets the screen time they deserve shines. 

At the moment, Kirishima could be regarded as a key player in class 1-A. His notoriety is even greater than Momo Yaoyorozu’s. Kirishima has a very strong sense of what he considers “manly” and seeks to live to that code.

8. Endeavor

Another person who seemed to be just another stereotypical hothead was Endeavor. Until the spotlight that was shone upon him as the Number One Hero ultimately forced him to face his demons and assume duties that he had long evaded. 

He went to great efforts to prove his character development and get out of All Might’s shadow once and for all, as evidenced by his incredible battle with the Nomu at the end of the anime’s fourth season.

9. Gran Torino

Best My Hero Academia Characters 
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One of the main and best My Hero Academia characters is Gran Torino. He is a retired Pro Hero and All Might’s mentor. 

He nevertheless undertook the challenging task of teaching the young and vivacious Deku how to fully exploit the potential of his Quirk despite being an old, retired Pro Hero. Gran Torino is an exceptionally witty and intelligent Pro Hero with years of experience. 

Gran Torino is deserving of credit for his honorable nature beyond all of his other apparent attributes, though. During his battle with Shigaraki Tomura, Gran Torino risked his life to save Endeavor.


So, this was our article on the best My Hero Academia characters. Who is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comment box. Also, follow us for more interesting anime content. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Who is the best My Hero Academia character?

Ans – Izuku Midoriya, or Deku is one of the best My Hero Academia characters. 

Q2) Who are the top 3 heroes in academia?

Ans – The top 3 heroes in My Hero Academia are – Mirio Togata (Class 3-B), Tamaki Amajiki (Class 3-A), and Nejire Hado (Class 3-A).

Q3) Who is the No 1 hero in Hero academia?

Ans – Hero Endeavor is the number 1 hero in Hero Academia. 

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