7 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction

One of the most renowned anime series of all time, Dragon Ball features a number of memorable scenes, enduring characters, and other elements of the same caliber. 

After Dragon Ball Z ended, fans yearned for a canonical continuation of the show that would enable the series’ warriors to achieve new levels of power. 

This resulted in the release of Dragon Ball Super, which is widely regarded as a fantastic installment in the renowned series. 

The introduction of Gods of Destruction and numerous universes, which elevated the scope of the story to a new level, were the two main innovations brought about by this programme.

With viewers seeing beings whose power levels are on an entirely new plane of comparison, Dragon Ball Super has utterly upended the idea of power scaling itself. 

Even with the might of Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, which both Goku and Vegeta have awakened, it’s difficult to picture either warrior even scratching the surface of these destructive deities’ tremendous might.

While Every universe has its own God of Destruction, fans often wonder who are the strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction. So, today we are here with the complete list. 

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 
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Here is the list of the strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction:

1. Beerus 

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 
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Despite Beerus’s brother Champa’s superior strength, Beerus’s thinner frame and higher degree of stamina place him above Champa in strength.

Lord Beerus is one of the most terrifying opponents that have ever faced Goku, first appearing in the Dragon Ball movie Battle of the Gods. 

After emerging from a protracted sleep, Beerus makes the effort to travel to Earth and battle its powerful Saiyan defense, swatting a Super Saiyan 3 Goku with just his finger. 

Depending on whatever side of the bed Beerus woke up on, he has the power to destroy any planet. He only spared Earth after Goku was defeated because he enjoys eating human food. 

Even though he possesses tremendously destructive abilities, certain Angels and a few other supernatural beings are still stronger than him.

2. Belmod

Everyone agrees that Universe 11 is the strongest of all the known universes. Therefore, it is simple to understand why the God of Destruction ruling this cosmos is magnificent in and of himself. Another noteworthy feature of this figure is the design of Belmod’s persona. 

He seems to be a modified version of the Joker that was incorporated into the Dragon Ball Super events, and he always commands attention. 

He is renowned for being extremely intelligent and for using intricate magic attacks that can be challenging to counter. 

3. Champa

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 
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His power is entirely extradimensional because he is the God of Destruction in Universe 6. He and his twin brother Beerus were able to sustain relatively even combat, but it had to be stopped since it would have destroyed Universes 6 and 7. 

He doesn’t care much about the others because he always treats his angel Vados poorly and is ignorant at the same time because he doesn’t see that she wants to help him lose weight. 

He also demonstrates this by thinking it would be simple to defeat Universe 7 because Goku was slow to catch the egg he threw at him, oblivious to the fact that he was wearing a heavy uniform.

4. Sidra 

Another God of Destruction who is very intriguing is Sidra. He is one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction. 

He appears to adhere to the law and has nothing but contempt for disrespectful individuals like Goku. Sidra’s tasteful enduring of his demise was only to be expected. He performs this precisely, with the God of Destruction making no sound before being Erased by Zeno. 

Having said that, this deity deserves praise for possessing incredible defensive abilities. The majority of people concur that a strong defense precedes a powerful offense, yet Sidra operates in the heavenly realm, where the opposite may be true.

5. Quitela

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 
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Quitela is the God of Destruction of the Universe 4. In the manga plot, he managed to hold his own against Beerus while also defeating Iwne. Thus, in the Zen-Exhibition match, the only survivors were both Gods of Destruction. 

Whis informed the Saiyans that there are mortals who are greater than their God of Destruction, and that deity appears to be stronger than Beerus, in both the manga and anime versions of Dragon Ball Super. 

Beerus clarified that he had only ever fallen short in an arm wrestling contest. In the manga, Beerus once lost an arm wrestling match against Quitela, but he insisted that if they had engaged in true hand-to-hand fighting, Beerus would have prevailed. 

Quitela was given quite a special talent in Dragon Ball Heroes. He can teleport without knowing his opponent and then unexpectedly blast them off with an electric attack from the tip of his finger thanks to his God of Destruction’s Wile power.

6. Mule 

When Anime Mosco was about to go extinct, he revealed his true identity. The person operating the robot is a tiny devil by the name of Mule who takes over as the God of Destruction for Universe 3. 

It is unclear where Mule stands in terms of power among the 12 Gods of Destruction overall. 

Mule did, however, demonstrate his swift reactions as a Mosco when battling other Gods of Destruction. Although the character was not explored in the Super series, God of Destruction’s Angry Roar, a special power, was granted to him in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. 

It shares several characteristics with Beerus’s Sphere of Destruction.

7. Jerez

Strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods Of Destruction 
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Jerez, the first female God of Destruction in the series, was said to be incredibly attractive on her own. Jerez, in contrast to other Gods of Destruction, had faith in Team Universe 2 even when they were about to be eliminated from the power tournament. 

Even among the eight universes taking part in the Tournament of Power, her Universe 2 holds the top spot for the highest mortal level. 

Love is a powerful weapon in Universe 2’s war against evil. They were inspired to fight the Saiyans of Universe 7 all the way to the end. She is an exceedingly strong divinity and the God of destruction. 

Jerez first makes her special talent known in a Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game called God of Destruction’s Feast. She must gather the energy around her and project it in the form of arrow-shaped blasts in order to employ it. It undoubtedly does a great deal of harm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Who can defeat all Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction?

Ans – Though Jiren is quoted to be the mortal who even defeated the Gods of Destruction, one entity that can destroy them in a blink is Zeno. 

Q2)Who is the first God of Destruction?

Ans – The first God of Destruction introduced to the fans is Beerus. 

Q3) Can Beerus defeat Jiren?

Ans – Yes, no doubt he can. Beerus has not yet shown his full potential. While Goku almost defeats Jiren, Beerus still can overpower Goku in a blink. 

Q4) Was Beerus born as a God?

Ans – No, unlike the Kais, Beerus was not a God by birth, he earned the position. 


So, this was the article on the strongest Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction. Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box and follow us for more interesting articles. 

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