7 Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks That Are Overpowered!!

Some of the most enduring scenes in the history of shonen are found in abundance in the Dragon Ball series. 

In the nicest way imaginable, everything from beam collisions to strong transformations has become series standards. 

The fact that Dragon Ball Super was able to maintain its popularity even after a protracted break is sufficient evidence of how well-liked and well-known the brand is. 

The numerous Dragon Ball franchise variations over the years have featured a lot of spectacular moves. 

Both canonical and non-canonical texts contain impressive actions, however, occasionally they take place in practically unrepeatable situations. Dragon Ball naturally has some of the most iconic and potent moves in all of the anime as it is largely a fighting series.

This comes as no surprise because the nature of the series organically lends itself to exciting battles and situations.

Here is a list of the Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks:

Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks 

1. Spirit Bomb 

Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks
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It’s difficult to dispute that any assault from the Dragon Ball series is more potent than Goku’s Spirit Bomb. Since then, no new attack has been developed that can truly compare. That’s for the straightforward fact that this technique has boundless power potential regardless of the user’s strength level. 

The charging process will take an inordinately long time, but if the user is persistent, they can build a spirit bomb that is powered by the energy of every living thing in the cosmos. 

This move goes far beyond any one person’s training since it draws power from any living thing willing to offer its energy. 

The Spirit Bomb grows from even the tiniest powers, just like water drops combine to make an ocean. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot overcome that.

2. Human Extinction Attack

The Human Extinction Attack is a massive, powerful, and swift attack used by Super Buu to exterminate Earth’s people. Super Buu acts on threats to annihilate every human instead of just talking about it, and he accomplishes so in a brutal and quick way, unlike earlier villains in the series. 

Given that Super Buu unleashed the Human Extinction Attack from a single location and was able to focus on each Ki signature, its accomplishment is all the more remarkable. 

The attack is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the Dragon Ball Z franchise despite only being utilised once.

3. Big Bang Kamehameha

Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks
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Despite not having been used nearly as frequently as the Kamehameha or even the Big Bang Attack, this fusion of the two attacks is far more potent. Omega Shenron, who for years was the most potent enemy in Dragon Ball, was almost assassinated by just one of these assaults. And Gogeta essentially ensured that Omega would be obliterated by a second Big Bang Kamehameha explosion. 

Suddenly, a ball of light appears, and it soon surrounds the adversary with an ordinary-looking beam. It doesn’t appear at all cool, to be honest. However, it more than makes up for its lack of flair with speed. Gogeta quickly executed this move and was preparing to execute another.

4. Dragon Fist

Goku possesses one of the strongest Dragon Ball attacks—the Dragon Fist, which practically punches through his opponents—when a Kamehameha alone isn’t doing the trick. 

Goku charges up a powerful punch, uses his speed and energy to rip through his opponent’s body, and emerges on the other side with a gaping hole in his wake. 

In addition, Goku’s energy transforms into a golden dragon that further destroys the victim. It has a sharp appearance and has shown to be quite powerful for Goku. 

When Goku utilized his Dragon Fist, it has always been a fatal strike. Goku has demonstrated his ability to use this technique to defeat enemies who would otherwise be unbeatable beginning with the destruction of Hirudegarn.

5. Absorption By Cell’s Tail

Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks
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It can be simple to overlook that some non-ki moves can be just as powerful because the franchise has become so well-known for its energy strikes. For a while, Cell’s tail was his most dangerous feature since we witnessed how he could use it to completely drain the vitality out of living individuals and leave them as dried-out husks. 

Cell utilized his tail to temporarily disable people like Piccolo in addition to using it to absorb the lives of numerous Earthlings and increase his own power.

The only two opponents to this move were Goku and Android 16 since Cell miscalculated were 16’s deactivation point was and because Goku was so much beyond Cell’s capabilities thanks to GT.

6. The Destructo Disk

You can mock Krillin all you want, but that won’t change the fact that he swiftly invented a technique that would go on to become one of the best ever used in the franchise. 

A razor-sharp circle of energy known as a Destructo Disk could immediately destroy an opponent by cutting through them. 

The horror on the faces of anyone defending against the move was a tribute to how dangerous this move is, therefore it’s unfortunate that we never actually saw that happen. 

When the Saiyans first arrived on Earth, Nappa and Vegeta both came dangerously close to being cut in two by Krillin.  

The biggest menace in the universe at the moment, Frieza, came dangerously close to losing his life at the hands of the Destructo Disk, even though it only managed to cut off a portion of his tail.

7. Omega Blaster

Strongest Dragon Ball Attacks
Credit – deviantart.com

Along with being a wholly wicked Saiyan, Broly rapidly gained notoriety in the franchise due to the way he completely dominated the Z Fighters. He was able to dodge a direct Kamehameha and throw everyone from Vegeta to Gohan about with his enormous frame. 

Broly was so extraordinarily strong and resilient that he seldom ever needed special assaults. But he wasn’t a slouch either when it came to engaging in ranged combat. 

Broly can produce his energy blasts in just the palm of his hand, and they have a characteristic green glow about them. Much in their ordinary form, these blasts were extremely potent, but in Broly—Second Coming, he concocted one that was even more lethal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) What is Goku’s most powerful attack?

Ans – Supreme Kamehameha is one of Goku’s strongest Dragon Ball attacks. 

Q2) What is Goku’s most famous attack?

Ans – Goku’s most famous attack is – Kamehameha. 

Q3) What is Trunk’s strongest attack?

Ans – Trunk’s strongest Dragon Ball attack is – Full Charge Burning Attack.

Q4) What is Vegeta’s strongest attack?

Ans – Vegeta is mastering the Ultra Ego form and trying new Hakai attacks…

Q5) What is Gohan’s strongest attack?

Ans – Final Kamehameha is one of Gohan’s strongest Dragon Ball attacks.


So, this was our article on the strongest Dragon Ball attacks. Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section. Also, follow us for more interesting updates.

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